The Paulus Movement is committed to evangelism, discipleship, leadership training and church-planting. They are seeking to develop a team of full-time national missionaries.

The national director, Andras Kazar, is planting a church in the rapidly growing southwest outskirts of Budapest—a community of 100,000. This church is envisioned as the center for the planting of other dynamic, culturally relevant, biblically-based churches in Hungary.

The church began in the Spring of 2001 as an evangelistic Bible study. They meet in a local school building for Sunday morning service with a program for the children. Many members are new converts. Several non-believers regularly attend the Sunday afternoon Bible study. The church has begun outreach in a local student dormitory.

Science has proven there is no God.” Andras Kazar believed that until a friend convinced him to explore what he had must become convinced of. Kazar studied many books of Christian apologetics, discovered other students who believed in Christ and met in secret. In the fall of 1985 he began to proclaim his new-found faith in the college dormatories.

Andras Kazar served with Campus Crusade for 15 years, working on college campuses. During these years he also worked in a church plant in Budapest. He rose to the position of National Campus Director before resigning to pursue his vision to establish churches that could minister effectively to the students he had been seeing come to Christ.

Pastor Kazar shares his vision in these words:
I have become absolutely convinced that if Hungary is to be truly reached for Christ many new churches will need to be involved in pro-active evangelism, intentional discipleship, training leaders and sending them out to plant new churches—all within the context of a movement based on spiritual multiplication. Gradually, over the years, my burden to see new believers become whole-hearted followers of Christ and integrated into the fellowship of a local body of believers has grown into a conviction that God has called me personally to help bridge this need in Hungary.


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