Christian children's camp of the village of Rzhavantsy


Greetings, grace to you and peace from the Lord Jesus Christ. You are very dear to us, brothers and sisters, I thank the Lord for you, because through your support, we can do a lot in the field of God.

This week our church helped the Christian children's camp of the village of Rzhavantsy financially and prayerfully. A team of leaders went there to serve with our church and also to relax, several children with their friends from unbelieving families. We pray that the word of God touches these children, and they receive Christ into their hearts.

Prayer Needs:

Pray that the Lord will touch the children who were in this camp. Also pray for me and my family so that the Lord will give us wisdom in the ministry of the church.

Pray for children from unbelieving families who repented at the Candela Christian camp in Boyan. Three teens: Kitik Andrey, Tsiganescu Raj, and Rotar Genadiy. They, parents, are not very allowed to come to our meeting. Our youth are trying to make their meetings and they then come and glorify with all of Jesus Christ.

May the Lord bless you, your families and churches.

Sincerely, Mikhail Gortopan.