Evangelization through computer technology

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I praise God for helping me to proclaim His Word this month, let His Name be glorified forever!

1. Youth evangelism:

-In our church, a youth meeting was held on the topic: "How to use a computer for the purpose of evangelism among unbelievers"

-Through bible verses

-Through spiritual videos and many more other methods.

Our youth praised God for this meeting by singing along with our orchestra. There were also various games and quizzes with questions and answers from the Bible. This meeting was broadcast online. We invited a brother who gave these lectures to hold a couple of meetings and among all of our members of the church, so everyone would be able to evangelize people through computer technology.

2. Funeral evangelism:

-Also, this month, we conducted the funeral services of one of our sister from the church. The Word of God was preached and our choir sang hymns of praise for God. There were many unbelievers who had this opportunity to hear the Word of our Lord. The funeral is also an evangelization under the open the sky where people listen to the Word and think about their lives.

3. Thanks:

-I am grateful to God and to you for your prayers and for your material assistance that you provide me in services for the Lord.

- Thank you for inviting me to Romania in the missionary conference in Alba Iulia, where I traveled, together with our missionaries from the PIEI Ukraine mission, and together we had excellent communication with our brothers from Romania. Let God bless you and return to you a hundred times .

4. Prayer needs:

-Pay for revival and repentance among unbelievers from our village.

-Pray for young families from our church to increase faith and zeal for work for the Lord.

-Pray also about my family, that the Lord gives us health and blessings in work for God.

We always pray for you and remember you with love. Yours faithfully Gortopan Mihai-pastor missionary from the mission of PIEI Ukraine.