Gheorghe Bulfan

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My name is Bulfan Gheorghe Victor, live in Draganesti-Olt. I am 28 years old member in Hope church.

My calling from God

Few years ago, I began to get involved in church ministry. A while I was serving the local church through various activities, I did not have a call from God, but on 5/09/2013.  I was going on the street with a brother from local church  and  I saw the people, the young people in the city lost hopelessly and without a purpose in life, then God showed me the need for so many Workers then I understood that God wants me to get involved in His work.

In  that time I felt  love compassion for people, and a strong desire to see them saved and saved for God kingdom. God reminded me a few verses from  (Matthew 9: 35-38)

But God guided me specifically to serve in Maruntei  in the missionary team.  While praying for Maruntei for ministry where Brother Tavi serves. God spoke to me and told me that my place must be in Maruntei  in the church planting team.


Vision: A community of believers who bring their hope of Christ into the community where they live.

Mission: How  Through evangelism, family visits, social projects, evangelistic events, serving people in the community in different forms. 


  • Using People short-term teams, missionaries, volunteers.

  • To implement Projects evangelistic,relational, educational social projects



You can get involved by working together in field to increase the kingdom of God

  • Send Long-Term Missions

  • Send Short-Term Missions

  • Promotes the ministry in your Church

  • Promotes on your facebook page

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