The regaining of a former disciple


His name is Ionel and he is 17 years old. I taught him to become a disciple of God by putting a lot of effort into him.

However, the worldly backgrounds and the friendships led him astray from the truth of God and drove him further away from the house of the Lord.

As a result of that, our friendship was not as close as it used to be.
I have tried looking for him lately in order to spend more time with him, aiming to get this relationship back on track, trying to draw him into the right path, in order to start having our old disciples meetings once again.

Prayer requests

  • Pray to the Lord to search into his being and to make him remember about the word of God and to stop the friendships with the worldly people!

  • Pray so that I can become an example for him, to be able to speak wisely and by doing so, to reflect the light of Christ within my self, through my righteous life which I live in Christ!

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