The table of peace


"In the evening Jesus was sitting at the table with his twelve followers." - Matthew 26:20 NCV

You can see that here it wasn't evening, but we decided to do what He did, so we meet our friends at the table of peace. 

If you followed our news, you know this family. It was for the first time they came in our home. We were so excited to have them and there is something we've learned by this thing, if you want to build relationships and make your own known, you have to let them come in your life, in your house, at your table. Living in a large town like Craiova, sometimes is hard to show your believe because everyone is bussy and doesn't have time to stop and listening to you. 

By building this kind of relationship you can show your believe very easily, because they see you as you are in your house. 

We had a wonderful time and we are thankful for every chance God is giving us to share the Good news, invest in people and build our relationships. 

We are very thankful for each of you, for your prayers and support! 

We wouldn't be able to do what we are doing without you! 

Prayer Requests:

  • Please continue to pray for our family, our ministry, and our town. 

  • Continue to pray for our finance, to have permanent support. 

Emanuel Serban - PIEI Missionary