Everyone has his role in God’s kingdom

I was thinking at the work that I am doing for my Lord and I tried to understand how important is my work for him and for His kingdom.

The Bible says in 1 Corinthians, chapter 12 about the gifts that the Lord gave it to His servants and how important are each of them. I understood that I can serve Him with what I can do, to teach, so, this is what I am doing, English Club.


This is the beginer group and I have 3 sweet ladies that are coming constantly and few that are coming occasionally. We started from the few words that they knew and now they can present themselves and have short conversations. Thanks to the meetings we have every Saturday, our relationship became much closer and we feel like in a family.


This is the advanced group and there are 2 ladies that are coming every Saturday . We practice  english through conversations, audio files and different kind of games and activities.

God is good and He is working through this project giving us the possibility to serve the people and to show them love, and then to be able to show them the way to Him, who works through us for them.

May God bless you!

Emanuel Serban