Giving our hands and feet in God's service


"Serve the Lord with joy" urges us Psalm 100 and that is why our hears obeys God in any work that He is calling us to.

They are the  Trenovici family, Mrs. Mirela and her son Stephen. He is 24 years old and when he was 14 years old he became blind. 

They are the family we visit weekly and in which we invest, to whom we speak about the hope of our Lord Jesus Christ.

They currently live in a single room and they needed a refreshment of the air in the house because of Stephan's other health problems and we were two days at their house helping them to paint the walls. 

Please bear in your prayers and bring before Him Stephen's problems.

Ask the Lord to open their eyes and see God a God who is not far away, a Friend, a wonderful Father. Pray that God will chase away the spirit of sickness from their home and bring His light and peace. Pray for Mrs. Mirela to be patient with her son and to receive from Jesus the power and love that she never felt before.

We know that God can change even the worst situations for the better, therefore, please come in our help with your prayers.

We want to remain faithful to God, therefore pray for us to have words of comfort every time we visit them and we are enthusiastic to see how God will change their lives.

We appreciate,

Emanuel and Eli Serban