Update from Emanuel Serban

I will start by saying to all of you, thank you so much for the prayers! 

This month was a blessed month for us as family. God gave us so many opportunities to be involved in. 

We had great people to work with this month. We could show our love to the Roma community by helping them with clothes and powder milk for their babies or playing games and songs with them. 

We were doing evangelism street and we meet beautiful people out there and some of them came at the event that our church had (Christian concert and socialized). One of the girls that Eli and WR were talking to is coming to Eli's English classes. 

I don't know if you know Stefan, but he is a 24 blind guy, that is coming to our church meeting for more than 2 months. And during this period we did home visits to his house every week and he is really enjoying this because he doesn't have to many friends. My wife is going to teach him English, starting next week. 

We are praising  the Lord for being so so so good with us.

Something really special that happened to us this month it was a dinner. One of my wife student from the English classes, came to our house to have dinner with us and three girls from World Race, she brought her son too and they could speak in English. The lady was really sweet and opened to became our friend. She is living very close to our apartment, so we want to continue to improve our relationship with them and with the others. 

Pray for them, for our ministry, for open doors in Craiova, to those who are ready to receive the good news. 

May God bless you! 

Ministry Updates

In March with God's well, I have started the E2E program of mission and evangelism. In this program I have studied 10 modules in 6 months.
During this period of time I got married with Eli, my girlfriend after 2 years and a half of relationship.

My activity is in Craiova, the town where I live now with my wife, where I visit families to have a strong relationship with them and show them the love of Christ that He has for them. Our activity as family it is extending in the social cases of Craiova. We are part of the Sunday meetings and we are responsible for the fellowship department.

Please pray for us, we want to develop a program together to serve our community and town.
You can be part with us by praying, encouraging and coming to help us in person for long or short time.
Best regards!