My name is Dumitru Mircea, I am a missionary of the Hope Church from Draganesti Olt, in the city Corabia. I'm married with  Cornelia and together we have two children, Damaris and Tobias.

In 1992 I understood that I can be forgiven of my sins and trust in the sacrifice of Jesus. In May 1994, it was the time when I started serving church planting in Lunca Ilvei, Bistrita-Nasaud County.

From 2001 until 2012, I served as a missionary in the villages of Calmatuiu de Jos and Salcia from Teleorman County.

In 2012,by  the grace of God, we started planting the church in Corabia. In Corabia, we want to see a community of people in the image of God that spreads the hope of Christ in the city and the area.



Project "Hope of Love".

The name of the church planting project comes from the reality that the love that God has shown to us is manifested to those around us, and this love brings hope in their hearts.
Project activities:
1. Evangelism from man to man and events.
2. Identify and serve families who are ready to accept peace with God in their lives.
3. Organize these families in cell groups
4. Every Sunday we have public worship meetings
5. In the Little Explorers group, "children are educated and prepared to reconcile with the Lord.
6. We are also involved in some people's lives by fulfilling certain social needs.
7.  Christians are helped to grow in the likeness of Christ through discipleship.

Project "Acuila and Priscila".

In this project, we are equipping people who know they are called in the mission.

  • I am currently in charge of equipping missionaries from zonal mission team.

How can you get involved?

  • Promoting our projects

  • Through prayer

  • Through Encouragement

  • Bringing teams in the short term

  • By financial support for the ministry

Thank you for the way you will listen to God's urge


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