Daniela David


My name is Daniela David, I am 23 years old and I am from Alba Iulia.

I heard stories about God since I was a child and I used to go to church until the age of 12, when my mother went to Italy at work. After that, I took a different road and I didn’t have a life that glorified God.

In 2013, after an unfortunate event, I was hospitalized for two weeks. During this time spent in the hospital, God filled me with His peace and joy. These were unusual feelings considering the state I was in. When I was out of there, I started to go to church again and in a short time I received Christ as my Saviour. I knew I can’t do anything without Him.

Since 2014, I served in many ways at the church: the administration of the building, social projects with families and people in need, kids ministry and organizing events.

Now, my main focus is on the social projects but I am also in the kids ministry and I administrate the building (the fact that I live there makes this easier).

About social ministry


My vision is that every person or family in need to hear the Gospel and to come to Christ.


My mission is to find people in need and to provide for them food, clothes, shoes and anything else they may need. Through these actions, and practic work when needed, I want to share the Gospel with them so they can find in God the most important things they need.


My strategy is to reach them with the clear intent of helping them and after we become friends to share the gospel with them.