My life is in the Lord’s hands!


One of the assignments that the President of the PIEI international organization offered me was to visit other missionaries in order to help them through the preparation of their own missionary updates and profiles în an electronic format.
In the meantime while spending time with them, I was also assist in the works of the Lord by spreading of the Gospel in the church, ministering or talking to the lost in faith personally.

Sunday (19 January 2019), the mission had me going to Curtea de Argeș, to the borther in Christ called Traian Chilau.
Here I met this brother in Christ. He never seems to get tired working into the vineyard of the Lord although he is been through some liver transplant opperation. He has managed to spread the Gospel of the Lord across 35 villages and communes throughout that area and had planted many Churches.
Now, despite the fact that he is feeling ill and getting old, still feels love for the Lord by continuing to work for Him, as much as he can carry.

I have managed to arrive at his own Church last Sunday afternoon, at the Free Evangelical Church in Curtea de Argeș, where I been taking part into the evening ministry.
At the arrival I was told that they will focus their preaching based on a the text from Genesis Chapter 3 and that they will allow me to preach to them from that particular text.
I accepted the offer and right after praying to the Lord to give me revelation for preaching the word from that particular pasage, I managed to make a 15 minutes speech regarding to the topic. The church sustained me with ”Amen!”
Following day, Monday 20 January 2019 it's the actual time when the true mission began, focusing the mission more în the middle of the non-christian families.
Together with Traian Chilău, we have visited many households of unsaved cheistians and in there, we discussed and shared the word of God.
Among the visited families, there was one in particular that we focused on. This family involved a single mother who is raising 12 of her children on her own. The children frequently go to prayer meetings and have learned to sing praising songs and recite psalms.
Her financial situation is rather prescarious however before receiving any help from Traian Chilău, it looked even worse.
They lived all together in a single room. After seeing their situation, brother Traian confessed that he could barely get to sleep at night because he was worrying a lot for them, trying to find a way so he could help them out.
He has built some extra rooms to the house for them, bought a washing machine and built a bathroom, small enough to be able to have access for sanitation.
Every time the brother goes on visits, often gives sweet to the children.
Spending time among them, made me realize that there are truly poor people out there and that I should be happy and greatful enough for the things that I already have.

Tuesday 21st January, was the very last day of my mission together with brother Traian and that day special, left a great impact on me.
In this very day, we have gathered in a prayer along with other girls from the orphanage. At Curtea de Argeș it's founded an orphanage where Traian goes on a weekly mission. He offers sandwiches to the girls, preaches and prays along with them also teaching them to live a good christian life.
I wish to confess that not in any other place have I seen people being so thankful to me for the preaching like these girls from the orphanage did.
I was impressed by the way they prayed for us, thanking us for going there to preach to them. Then I realized how much a visit means to those that nobody goes to see them.
I have preached the Psalm 27:10 ”.Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me.” and they really have been touched. I believe that the memory of my presence at this orphanage's girl's church will follow me forever.
After the prayer meeting we then visited the Curtea de Argeș Monastery, a historical monument which was built in the year of 1515 by Neagoe Basarab, ruler of the Romanian country at that time. On my return back home, on the driveway towards Curtea de Argeș into Drăgănești, due to the slippery snow being on roads, I completely lost control of the car and then got into a ditch.
Seeing what was taking place, I remember saying the last words "lord Jesus, please do not let me overturn!” and two of the reasons I said this for were the following:
1 if I overturned, there was the possibility of getting injured or in the worst case, death.
2 My car was barely taken out from the car service and it just cost me a fortune in order to get it sorted. Now I knew that if I overturned, I was going to need a lot of money on again to have it done again but thankfully to the Lord that it was not the case.
I now found my self into the ditch being stuck.
Got out of the car, crossed the other side of the road thinking: what will I do now? Should I call the cops, ambulance or fire Brigade, asking them to get me out of here or should I call the pastor whom lived only 20 km away and ask him to come to take me out? Or maybe stop some other drivers from the driveway, asking them for help?
I taught, last option wasn't quite the best so I was thinking which of the first two options should I go for. While standing outside in the frosty cold on the side of the road I taught, what should I do?
I then saw a huge snowmobile approaching from the opposite direction. This car was to sweep the snow off the roads throwing it then on the hedges, ending up into the ditches. Initially after seeing it, I did not feel pleased at all, thinking that it will literally clean the snow off the road, covering the allover my car.
This was going to make the pulling of it out the ditch even harder.
I just stared annoyed while watching it slowly approach.
When it reached me îm just standing there surprised while seeing how they stoped their work and then drove near my car, opened the door then asking me weather there was anything that they could do to help.
I did not even see that coming
Accepted their help and within 10 minutes, my car was now being brought back on the road. I could not believe my eyes for getting away with it so easily for such a cheaper price.
I was driving on the road, got into a ditch and now my car was left without damage and I was not being hurt!
This is truly a miracle and the grace of God whom shown me protection in the middle of the danger. When we cannot take control over difficult situations, the Lord will intervene.
Back on road, driving away I then noticed two other cars which, because of the slippery road, had an accident. The front of one of them looked really crushed.
Seeing the state of it, I then thanked to the Lord for keeping me safe throughout this trial and for the fact that my car and I were not affected. After being pulled out of the ditch, because of the panic that I went through, I just drove away another 7 kilometers approximately, înto wrong direction.
Before getting in the ditch, the GPS showed 20 km more to get to the destination but then at around 15-20 de minutes, after getting out of the ditch, (drove slowly and carefully to avoid sliding), the GPS indicated that there were 27 Km extra to get there therefore the destination distance seemed to rather increase instead of being decreased. Pulling over on the side of the road again, got my self orientated and then came to the realization that I was going in the wrong direction.
Then I turned my car and kept on driving without encountering any more adventures.
The very same thing happens on our spiritual path. We may be heading to the wrong direction without realizing however if we are being warned, we turn back from our wrong ways and then head into the right path. I now thank to the Lord for everything I learned throughout this missionary journey.

Reasons for thanksgiving.

  • For His protection in the times when I have no control over the situation.

  • For the fact that He's been using me, an ungreatful slave, for the sharing of the Gospel to the saved and unsaved.

  • For the fact that I got to visit small places and to know new people.

  • For reason that I arrived home safely after all the danger I encountered.

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