Take advantage of the religious freedom!


Take advantage of the religious freedom as long as we still have it, to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus to all the people!!!

We had an extraordinary time, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Bals.
Every time I share the Gospel of Jesus Christ I feel spiritually reinvigorated and become filled with joy.
In Bals there are two Evangelical Churches, a Baptist and a Pentecostal one however there is also an Orthodox and an Jehovah”s Witnesses Church. Meanwhile sharing the Gospel to the residents of Balș, I met a travellers family and they were Jehovah's Witnesses as their religious background. At first, I did not realised that so I went ahead and shared the Gospel to them. They listened joyfully but then got suddenly interrupted by the curiosity in their eyes and asked weather I was a Jehovah's Witnesses too. When I told them that I wasn't and that my aim was to present them the salvation of Jesus Christ, they said they were no longer interested, stopped listening and left.

They are an unfortunate case although I also met people that were willing to hear about their salvation and were open to receive the Gospel flyers and the New Testaments which we were handing out. While carrying out my sermons, I had the chance to talk to children, teenagers, adults, and the old however the most receptive to the word were the teenagers and children between the ages of 10-14. God gave me the opportunity to talk to a very interesting person which I met, a fine grown man unto which I had a very challenging conversation with. 
He stated that he no longer needed to repent because he already loves Jesus Christ, so much and that as a proof, he showed a big painting which he made, a portrait of Jesus Christ which he put up then in his home and said he prays to it on a daily basis while facing it. I explained to him that it is impossible for anybody to be saved without having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, without knowing God personally and without ,,walking with Him'' here on earth and obeying Him. I carried out the longest conversation with this particular man however still did not manage to convince.
As part of this mission I also delivered Gospel flyers into the building's staircase in the residents mailbox.
A poll made in 2011 estimates that Balș has over 26.000 citizens and over 90% of them are Orthodox. Here is a great field for Evangelism but the workers are few.

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for unity between Evangelical Churches in Balș;

  • More people come to Christ!;

  • New opportunities for people to hear the Gospel;

  • Long and short term mission teams to come together and help the spreading of the Gospel to all people from Balș;

  • The people that were exposed to the Bible, to be touched by God and to repent!

  • The man with the painting of Jesus to be touched by God and to repent!;

  • For the Jehovah's Witnesses travellers family that I spoke with, to be touched by God and to repent!

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