The Interational and Intercultural Mission in my country: Romania

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Couple of years ago, the Lord spoke to me about getting involved into his plan, mainly about taking part into the International and Intercultural mission as a missionary. 
By the end of 2017, I traveled along with the international mission to countries such as Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.

These were the places where I shared the gospel to and where I had an extraordinary experience as being the ministry, within the contact with these churches from these two particular countries.

For a longer matter of time I used to believe that the International and Intercultural Mission only had to deal with the travelling from country to country and to just preach the gospel and then leave however, lately I aquired a better more insight based on that. 
Yes, this does make it a part of the mission but not for just the most of it.
 The Internațional and Intercultural Mission also refers to the receiving and cooperation along with other foreign missionaries from another countries, here within the Romanian country not not only.

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I have experienced this in the city of Drăgănești, where the American team of missionaries known as the Word Race, came into Romania in order to work as missionaries. 
The World Race is a programme which consists of young, native, English language speakers. Most of them were originally from American and they are travelling for an eleven month period, into eleven different countries within the mission. That makes up to a different country each month.

It must be a real challenge for then the reason that they are cooperating with teams whom are not speaking English as their own language. Let's not exclude the fact that , a particular missionary member from a different foreign country with a complete different background culture, will more than likely come up with a different theology other than your own.
 It is an experience unto which, the host and the World Racer programme, benefits from the spiritual point of view but also from the experience of working as a missionary team.
I can recall the times I served for as a translator, for an American missionary team where they were trying to preach the Gospel to the people within my country.
 It has been a very interesting and challenging experience.
It may be difficult for you to believe that from the whole thing, the most successful task was the spreading of the gospel, which was shared by the foreign missionaries and it highlighted the contrast between a native Romanian speaker and a foreign one. Huge difference.

It may not seem very logical to you and you may find you self asking, why?
When the foreign missionaries approached the local pedestrians, they appear to have a better reaction and attitude and interest towards the word of God in comparison to the times when they are being exposed to the gospel coming from a native Romanian body of Christ.
The refusal rate of listening to the gospel spreading on the streets is so much lower for a foreigner whom speaks out with the help of a translator comparing to the one whom is native Romanian preacher.
When the Romanians come in touch with someone of a different native language other than their own and the fact that they come from a different cultural background, they suddenly become more curious regarding that particular individual and become more receptive to whatever they are being told.
This phenomena is helping for the advancement of the gospel. 
This is a tactic God may use in order to get rid of this apparent cultural linguistic barrier and in order to get rid of the locks into which many people's hearts are stuck as they are the ones whom do not show a sign of interest in the receiving of the gospel from their own co-nationals!

Another missionary work that I took part into along with the World Race members was the distribution of free eye glasses to the people that were not able to afford them, they received them then for free. 
Within the team, there were also members that had medical preparation and they measured people's blood pressure.
We wished to reflect the love of Christ by looking after their health and to win their hearts for their salvation.

Reasons for thanksgiving:

  • I am thankful to the Lord for using me into the intercultural mission within the country of România;

  • I am thanking to the Lord for having mercy on me and offering me the salvation, ten years ago.

  • I am thanking to the Lord for making a way, for making me worthy of being his own servant.

  • I am greatfull for the new people that I met, whom inspired me and to whom I have inspired.

  • I thank to all the young World Race team members that I had the chance to get into contact with and with whom I worked together with for a shortwhile.

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