Almost dead, but not killed

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Close to death experience:

In 2018, my car spent 4 months in a service, because the engine was broken and needed to be replaced. When i got it back, the engine was fixed, but a mirror was broken, it had a bent body part, it had engine oil spill, the engine shield and the oil pan shield was removed, and the hood did not close properly. I didn’t have these problems when i took the car to the service. When i brought the car to be fixed it only needed a new engine, and now it has all these problems. It’s like when you go to the doctor office with one disease, and after the treatment you go back with 5 new diseases.

Shortly after i picked up the car from the mecanic, i took a hitchhicker and i spoke to him about Christ. After i took the man to the destination, i headed home. While driving, the hood opened, and broke my window. For couple of seconds i didn’t see anything. Those were the longest seconds of my life. The car was speeding, and i couldn’t see the road because of the hood. There was the risck of hitting the cars from the opposite side of the road, or even entering a ditch. Due to the force of impact of the opened hood, the car window broke. With God’s help i managed to keep the car in the middle of the road, even though i couldn’t see anything, and finally i managed to stop. I checked to see the demages and only my window was broken. I was very grateful to God because i survived and i had no fizical injury, only the car being damaged. It’s an amazing grace and i see God’s mercy and protection just because i got away unharmed. Being close to death, made me realize, how many people die each day, in car accidents, or in other ways and go to Hell for eternety. This experience made me analyze my life more carefully and get closer to God, understanding how fragile life is. It also motivated me to be more persistent in the struggle of bringing people to faith. Realizing the fact that we don’t own time and life made me realize again how unpredictable people are about the moment of death.

My beloved, for your soul’s strenghtening, i want to tell you another experience about cars. I wish through what i say below, the name of Jesus to be glorified and praised!

How i bought a car and how i got my driver’s license                                                     

For a long time i served God by walking , using a van, or even hitchhicking.

When i would get into the people’s cars while hitchhicking, i would preach the Word.( I do the same to the hitchhickers now that i have a car). When i had no car, sometimes it happened to hitchhick for 3 hours and nobody stoped, other times, somebody would stop and take me. Because of that, it was possible to be late, or not reach the destination. When you don’t own a transport mean, you can’t have a stabile mission program in a certain place, because you are never sure you are going to make it i started praying for a car and i prayed for several months. The year 2017 was the year God blessed me with a car( the first car i had, at 23 years old). I prayed a lot, and God gave it to me, and also helped me to get my driver’s license.

The driver license adventure is a true miracle of God, which is worth mentioning in these lines. I was an extremely bad driver, i could barely start the car, and when i changed the  gear while driving, i had to stare for a few seconds at the gear lever to figure out how to use it. And also in a large intersection, i used to  panic and didn’t know what to do, i would get stuck.

My instructors told me i will never get my driver’s license, unless i bribe. I urgently needed a driver’s license, to do ministry work, because, by hitchhicking i would have never made it in time to the places where God made it possible for me to serve, so i prayed to God:”God, what shall i do? Is it right to bribe in order to pass my driver’s license exam?” I opened the Bible and it opened at Philippians 1-6 „And i am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ”.Reading that verse i felt encouraged and i knew God spoke to me. He who started the work to make me independent regarding the displacement; he who gave me money for a car and the driving license school, will end the work, by helping me pass the exam. I told my instructor i will not bribe and i will go by faith. He discouraged me and laughed at me saying i was a bad driver and i have no chance to pass the exam unless i give him the bribe, to give it to the police officer in charge with the exam. I knew he is saying that, because usually the instructors from Romania ask bribe for the police officers, when actually, they keep the money, and during the day of the exam, if it happens to pass because of your knowledge, he says you passed because he helped you, and if it happens to fail, he says he will give the bribe next time... Even though i knew this, when he told me i will not pass unless i bribe, knowing i am a bad driver, i began to doubt if God really spoke to me about passing the exam, or maybe i got it all wrong. So i searched for answears in desperate prayers and in the Bible. I said : „God, i will ask You one more time!” and i opened the Bible again, and it opened at Matthew 14:31:” of little faith why did you doubt?” Reading this verse made me feel ashamed for asking God the second time and i decided to trust Him no matter what. I confirmed to the instructor( who was pressing me to change my mind) that i don’t want to bribe in order to pass the exam. He got angry and said i will not get the driver license. The day i had the exam, i was nervous. After i finished driving, the police officer, who wasn’t a born again christian, looked at me and asked me:”Why do you need the driving license?” And i said: „ I need it to do God’s work!” And he says:”Passed!” I couldn’t believe it! While i was driving i made some big mistakes and i was sure i will fail the exam. A child jumped rapidly in front of me during the exam, and the instructor had to use the brake. For this kind of mistake, usually you fail the exam instantly. I tought i didn’t hear him right when he said:”Passed!”, so i asked him again: „ Did you say i passed?” And he looks at me and says: „Yes,Passed!”

I was full of joy! I was extremely happy!

When my instructor, who knew i am a christian, found out i got the driver’s license looked at me and couldn’t believe that i passed without bribing. I saw my God is alive, he does miracles in my life and is a real God. After i took my driver’s license, i put my car at Lord’s disposal and drove thousands of miles to do ministry work. I went to areas and Churches where i never could have went if i had no car.

Reasons to be thankful:

  • I thank and i am grateful to God, for all the areas in the country and abroad which he allowed me to see with this car given by Him and for all the souls that have been strenghtened through the ministry work i did;

  • I thank Him and i praise Him through faith, for all things are under His dominion, even those who last for a second;

  • I thank Him for getting me out alive and phisically unharmed.

Prayer requests:

  • Wherever i will go and i will preach, God to put word in my mouth! The church to be build up, and God to bring a spiritual awakening through the word i preach;                                                   

  • God to help me reach out to all the areas where i was called to preach the Gospel! To prepare the mission grups who travel with me and also, to take care of the fuel necessary to get us there and take us back. At the moment there are brothers from 4 areas of the country, far away from where i live, calling me for a few months now to come and preach in their Churches, but i couldn’t go because of the long road and the lack of necessary resources. Some of the people who call me to ministry in their Churches, got in contact with me through my media work, and others know me personally.                                                                                                          

  • God bless me with resources to fix my car. In the current state it has engine fuel leaks, cracked windscreen, the hood is tied down with wire, and the shield which protects the oil pan is removed;

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