Do not let your self down when the Evil tries to make you stumble! Just keep going!!

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Throughout the E2E Biblical Preparation Program, we encountered a module which aimed the study of how to link partnerships in a practical manner, by sending the students into several cities, among which I was myself, for the development of our own individual tasks.

The displacement lasted for a week and the students of the Biblical School were escorted by their mentors, travelling for the purpose of the finding of new collaborative ties throughout the following cities:

  • Alba Iulia

  • Arad

  • Cluj Napoca

  • Timisoara

  • Oradea

It has been a tiring period of time due to the fact that we had to travel long distances from town to town, arranging phone calls, setting up meetings and carrying out discussions with unknown individuals.

Throughout this experience, we had to put our 100% effort into and by giving our very best and as a result, it was very well worth it.

This has been a new experience for the each and one of us and learned things that could be only taught by experience. I am thankful to the Lord for offering me such a wonderful opportunity to learn so many practical things that I can now apply into my own calling into the works of the Lord.

Before the beginning of this experience, we all had an incomplete perspective regarding the life of a missionary. However through this experience, I realised that I can not do all the works for the Lord on my own and learned the importance of a permanent missionary team and partners.

This has been a fresh start for some students into the life as a missionary but some of us were already involved into the works for the Lord, for a longer matter of time, except the fact that we were not involved in teams with missionary partners but we worked individually.

Taking my self as an example, personally, I been working for the Lord for many years without having a missionary team established and without any support through partners.

This experience gave me a better insight of the importance of a team and team members and made me come up to the realisation that If I had a missionary team established along with team members, I would have had a better chance to develop my ministry for the Lord in a shorter matter of time.

Another advantage of the time spent along with the team members was to get to know each other more, which helped us come to the agreement that we could collaborate în the future în missionary projects.

I am delighted for the fact that I was able to preach in a very known church in Arad and was able to stand before the young and preach the Gospel. The highlight of the speech was the importance of the social media and the use of social media into the works of God.

Through a single post exposing Bible verses and a simple Biblical image posted, we can reach a higher number of people which have never heard the Good News. With a simple click, we can share the Gospel to thousands from our friend list on the social media platform such as Facebook and YouTube.

Sharing the Gospel individually form man to man would consist of a physical and a huge financial effort. However through the Internet, it all became easier.

The internet and the social media platform în general, and Facebook and YouTube in particular, may have a huge negative impact towards the youth.

It can negatively affect their faith in case they make a use it for a sinful purpose. However it may also have a positive impact and a huge potential in the spreading of the Gospel to a higher number of people in a smaller matter of time by involving very little financial support.

We are living in the end times and we must take advantage of all the possible resources we can reach in order to spread the Gospel to a greater population!

I will discuss more based on the importance of the social media works in a future article where I will also discuss in simplified detail about the works I do regarding in this particular sector and about the need of use of social media as a tool for spreading the Gospel for the lost ones.

I felt very pleased by the warm welcoming of the youth in the Church of Arad. however on the return to our home, we encountered a small car damage which held us back for a short while but we did not give up, we managed to solve the problem and kept on going.

The very same we must proceed in our lives, when a small issue arises, we must get up again from falling and continue through our walk with God!

Reasons to be thankful for:

  • Thanks to the Lord for the things that I learned throughout this mission.

  • I give thanks to all the donors for turning the impossible into possible, without their help I would have never been able to afford my self enough to spend from own pocket money in order to travel to all those cities and to learn so many important things.

  • I am thankful for all the beautiful places I have seen during this travelling opportunity and feel thankful for meeting all those wonderful people, making new friends unto which some still keep in touch.

  • Thank you for offering me the opportunity to share with others my personal experience as a missionary!

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