Roma Ministry


How I started: Since I came in Craiova and started to work for God, the Lord began to speak to me, either personally or through different people, about the fact that I should also be involved outdoors, particularly to the roma comunity. I visited a roma Church in Craiova and at the end of the service I was questioning myself saying:" Lord is this one of the works in the gipsy Church that you wish me to minister into? Are you going to give me victory in this ministry? “I then opened my Bible in order to read a verse and it opened straight at Psalm 20 verse 6 which says: "Now this I know: The LORD gives victory to his anointed. He answers him from His heavenly sanctuary with the victorious power of his right hand". I felt very strengthened by reading these words knowing that it was a confirmation that I was heading into the right direction regarding this ministry.

Sunday 27 Jan 2019, I was preaching in the same church and at the end of the service I made a calling to the altar for those who were unsaved. The son whose mother ows the yard the church was built on, Marius, came up to the front expressing his wish to follow Jesus! He began asking me to pray for him so that the Lord would deliver him from cigarettes addiction and of alcohol but also asked for prayer for his 3 year old daughter who was ill. Meanwhile calling people to the altar, I spoke the following, "May whosoever needs to be spiritually strengthened and wishes to be filled with a new spirit, on the walk with the Lord, also come into the front". Approximately, half the church came to the altar and then asked me to pray for them and along with them.

Responsability: The Lord aknowledged me that I must do a permanent ministry into a Roma church in Craiova, in a Roma neighborhood. The confirmation came through the church and through the Pastor. This church is open for worshipping services up to 4 times a week including twice on Sundays, once on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I ended up leading 3 of these church services that are the Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sunday evenings. The local Roma community is being pleased by the fact that I am leading the church during these three days because, before I stepped in, they were lacking permanent ministers, the ones they had did not lead the worship service and their ministers were either being too old or did not have the calling for the ministry.

My consistent presence among them was an answer to their prayers as they cried out to the Lord to send someone to come and minister to them. I was appointed to a huge responsibility which is to co-ordinate the worship services of the church and also to mind the spiritual health of the members and that is why, I must fast and pray in order to take the best decisions. I do all these ministry through the gift of evangelism, I minister along with the Pastor and the Diacon of the Church. However, the pastor of the church lives hundreds miles away from the church and he can only get to it once a month and the Diacon also lives few hundreds kilometers away and he can only arrive twice a week to attend church, each time on Sunday mornings only.

Because of the fact that they attend the church less often than me, the biggest part of the responsibility regarding ministry and worship services falls on me. The pastor is praying for me so that the Lord would straighten me in this ministry and he advised me to minister more often. After arriving in Craiova, I have started a cooperation with a Pastor . He rules a church at about 20 km from here. I went with him there, one day, to serve together. The people who came to Church were sad as some of their unborn/again relatives were in jail in a foreign country.

The Lord revealed me the verse from Isaiah 54:17-18 and I told them that in a short time God will make the way for the police to release them, so that He can show His Goodness and they can repent. After about 2 hours since we had left the church, we were called by the members and were advised that their relatives were released. The Pastor was so grateful that God has use me prophetically in preaching of the Word and expressed his will to continuing helping them in that work. It was a wonder and joy that those people were released just as I told them I was notified by the Word I have read. It is such a joy when I can serve in the communities of rom and can be useful to them.

Experiences: By being in Craiova, I had the opportunity to visit many churches that were either roma churches but also Romanian churches, including the ones in the surrounding area. I was given the opportunity to worship in many of the churches through the preaching of the word. While I was preaching, different pastors from these churches realized that they would need someone like me in order to minister into their churches more often and invited me to do so.

I had experiences where men, while I spoke the word, some of them felt into tears and at the end of the prayer meeting they confessed that the Lord spoke to them through me and that, while I was preaching, they felt they were being touched by the Lord so then they came to the front and confessed their sins. The Lord helped me minister in the roma churches. As an itinerant preacher, I have preached in over 10 Romanian churches and over 25 mixed churches that had either Travellers or Romanian members. Most of them were saying that they wanted me to return and speak the word again. With the help of the Lord, I managed to bring into the Roma churches a lot more ministers such as evangelists, preachers, teachers, people with the gift of encouragement together with all the sorts of ministers that come from other countries but also Romanian ones. These people have used their gifts as a service to God in order to strengthen the believers community.

For the future, I wish to connect these roma communities along with the people that are gifted from God , for the development of this ministry. The domains into which I am involved in the ministry for the roma are the following:

  • Evangelism;

  • Discipleship;

  • Social;

  • Preaching;

  • Spiritual Counselling;

  • Church Events;

Prayer Requests:

  • So that the Lord may bring more interested partners in the Roma Ministry;

  • So that the Lord may open more opportunities into the ministry within the Roma community;

  • I pray so that the Lord will provide a van for the Roma community: They do not attend the church services on a regular basis due to the fact that they can't afford to pay the taxi so that they could attend. However, when the adult members manage to earn some money to pay the traveling to be brought to the Church, their children have to be left at home. A typical Roma family consists of many children which also means that it requires a lot of money for them to be brought to the church. I pray so that the Lord will provide a minibus in order to complete my ministry for the Roma community. In that case, I'll be able to bring both the adults and the children, and if possible, even their relatives. I believe that, by being exempted off the fuel paying pressure, a bigger number of people would attend the Church and that they will come more often;

  • For the Evangelism event that i prepare, more roma people to follow Christ;

  • Planting a new Roma Church (in the future).

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Media Minstry


I was guided by the Lord to open two YouTube channels and post sermons, testimonies and Christian music. I also translated testimonies from English and posted them there. Working hard and faithfully, the Lord has made this work grow bigger and bigger. One of the two channels has after 6 years of ministry: 75.000 subscribers, over 18.000.000 views, and since it was opened until now (the end of 2018) there are over 167.000.000 minutes viewed of Christian materials.

God surprised me by the fact He was using me, an insignificant person, and throughout my work on Media, the Gospel reached so many people. I would have never thought that God could have such a marvelous plan with me. I am so happy when someone comments on the posted videos, telling me that he wants to meet and know God and to be redeemed. Doing this online ministry, I have been contacted by many people and I managed to lead them into confession and repentance prayers. They were touched by God, and dedicated their lives to our Lord Jesus. Some of them even cried and showed a true sign of becoming born again Christians.

My Media activities include: activityes as: filming, editing, subtitling, spiritual counseling, evanghelism on the phone, whatsap and facebook; recording christian audiobooks; helping PIEI missionaryes to get in contact with their foreign parners by guyding them how to do online update with electronic information about their ministry.

Why is the Media work so important in a digitalized world?

For the lost ones: At the current time, in Romania there are over 10000 unreached villages by the word of God. The Gospel must be preached all over the world and for that an enormous logistic effort of the Church would be needed in order to prepare and send missionaries there. Meanwhile, through YouTube Channel and Facebook there are less resources to be involved ( time, effort, money) and the Gospel can be brought much more rapidly in those places. Every person has the possibility to chose if to accept or reject the Gospel right from the comfort of his own house.

For the missionaries: In order to have a mission in the nowadays Romania, you need occidental partners. Partners that can support you through: prayers, encouragement, mentoring, financially. Keeping in touch with them means you have to be ready to offer information about your mission: photos, films, English written information, etc. Not all the missionaries have a god relationship with the technology and there is where my role is. Being a part of the media team of PIEI International Romania, I help Romanian missionaries to keep in touch with they foreign partners.

For the believers: Most of the times it is not enough to participate at the Church services once or twice a week, but you feel the need to be in the presence of God, listen to a sermon, worship or pray, even every day. And that is the role of the sermons, testimonies and Christian music. Through Christian resources added on the YouTube, the believers can develop their spiritually growth in the intimacy of their home, anytime they feel the need to have more spiritual food than they have received at church. The YouTube channel ”The Church Online” does not exist to replace the real church that the believer must attend weekly, but appeared due to the need of people to have more spiritual resources at their disposal during the week, between the church programs.

Some of the media projects I am involved in:

JOHN-S GOSPEL IN EVERYBODY-S LANGUAGE - Talking to several people I have advised to read the Scripture and find eternal life, I have realized that many of them have read but did not manage to understand the essence of It, being in need for someone to explain to them. ( As the mentioned Ethiopian eunuch in Acts chapter 8 needed). That is why I started to preach the John-s Gospel in Rom churches where there a lot of new/borns, explaining every verse in a clear way, so that they could all understand. I have been guided by God so that these sermons should be interactive ( with the participation of the audience) and for those who are listening to have the opportunity to make questions regarding any unclear aspect, while I read and explain. I want to make sure this way that even the most weak mind can understand the truth of the Holly Bible. After speaking and recording the sermons on my phone, the laborious work of editing the audio files and transforming them in the most accessible video format follows. Every chapter will be published on YouTube separately, video format, every verse will be explained and displayed on the screen for the duration of the sermon. All the pauses and the things said during the services and regarding the church listening will be cut off during the editing process. By this project I intend to help all the persons that yearn to seek the truth through the Holy Scripture, but find it difficult to understand the sense of it. I have met a lot of such persons during time and God put this idea in my heart to help them.

AUDIO RECORDING OF BIG INTEREST CHRISTIAN BOOKS – By this project I intend to reach the people who like to listen audio books. More and more people today prefer to substitute the reading with the listening audio books, using earphone, while driving to work or even while working or travelling. This niche can be exploited and people can be touched by putting some relevant christian books at their disposal. The last one I have recorded has over 100000 accesses. The real process of a book audio recording is pretty laborious and the further editing requires a lot of time. But it is worth the result of it.

Prayer Requests:

  • So that the Lord may bring more interested partners in the ministry for the travellers community.

  • So that the Lord may open more opportunities into the ministry within the travellers community.

  • So that the Lord will give me strength in order to stand firm while walking with Him, by being victorious through all temptations and to be worthy for His calling.

  • So that the Lord may save my family!

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My life is in the Lord’s hands!


One of the assignments that the President of the PIEI international organization offered me was to visit other missionaries in order to help them through the preparation of their own missionary updates and profiles în an electronic format.
In the meantime while spending time with them, I was also assist in the works of the Lord by spreading of the Gospel in the church, ministering or talking to the lost in faith personally.

Sunday (19 January 2019), the mission had me going to Curtea de Argeș, to the borther in Christ called Traian Chilau.
Here I met this brother in Christ. He never seems to get tired working into the vineyard of the Lord although he is been through some liver transplant opperation. He has managed to spread the Gospel of the Lord across 35 villages and communes throughout that area and had planted many Churches.
Now, despite the fact that he is feeling ill and getting old, still feels love for the Lord by continuing to work for Him, as much as he can carry.

I have managed to arrive at his own Church last Sunday afternoon, at the Free Evangelical Church in Curtea de Argeș, where I been taking part into the evening ministry.
At the arrival I was told that they will focus their preaching based on a the text from Genesis Chapter 3 and that they will allow me to preach to them from that particular text.
I accepted the offer and right after praying to the Lord to give me revelation for preaching the word from that particular pasage, I managed to make a 15 minutes speech regarding to the topic. The church sustained me with ”Amen!”
Following day, Monday 20 January 2019 it's the actual time when the true mission began, focusing the mission more în the middle of the non-christian families.
Together with Traian Chilău, we have visited many households of unsaved cheistians and in there, we discussed and shared the word of God.
Among the visited families, there was one in particular that we focused on. This family involved a single mother who is raising 12 of her children on her own. The children frequently go to prayer meetings and have learned to sing praising songs and recite psalms.
Her financial situation is rather prescarious however before receiving any help from Traian Chilău, it looked even worse.
They lived all together in a single room. After seeing their situation, brother Traian confessed that he could barely get to sleep at night because he was worrying a lot for them, trying to find a way so he could help them out.
He has built some extra rooms to the house for them, bought a washing machine and built a bathroom, small enough to be able to have access for sanitation.
Every time the brother goes on visits, often gives sweet to the children.
Spending time among them, made me realize that there are truly poor people out there and that I should be happy and greatful enough for the things that I already have.

Tuesday 21st January, was the very last day of my mission together with brother Traian and that day special, left a great impact on me.
In this very day, we have gathered in a prayer along with other girls from the orphanage. At Curtea de Argeș it's founded an orphanage where Traian goes on a weekly mission. He offers sandwiches to the girls, preaches and prays along with them also teaching them to live a good christian life.
I wish to confess that not in any other place have I seen people being so thankful to me for the preaching like these girls from the orphanage did.
I was impressed by the way they prayed for us, thanking us for going there to preach to them. Then I realized how much a visit means to those that nobody goes to see them.
I have preached the Psalm 27:10 ”.Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me.” and they really have been touched. I believe that the memory of my presence at this orphanage's girl's church will follow me forever.
After the prayer meeting we then visited the Curtea de Argeș Monastery, a historical monument which was built in the year of 1515 by Neagoe Basarab, ruler of the Romanian country at that time. On my return back home, on the driveway towards Curtea de Argeș into Drăgănești, due to the slippery snow being on roads, I completely lost control of the car and then got into a ditch.
Seeing what was taking place, I remember saying the last words "lord Jesus, please do not let me overturn!” and two of the reasons I said this for were the following:
1 if I overturned, there was the possibility of getting injured or in the worst case, death.
2 My car was barely taken out from the car service and it just cost me a fortune in order to get it sorted. Now I knew that if I overturned, I was going to need a lot of money on again to have it done again but thankfully to the Lord that it was not the case.
I now found my self into the ditch being stuck.
Got out of the car, crossed the other side of the road thinking: what will I do now? Should I call the cops, ambulance or fire Brigade, asking them to get me out of here or should I call the pastor whom lived only 20 km away and ask him to come to take me out? Or maybe stop some other drivers from the driveway, asking them for help?
I taught, last option wasn't quite the best so I was thinking which of the first two options should I go for. While standing outside in the frosty cold on the side of the road I taught, what should I do?
I then saw a huge snowmobile approaching from the opposite direction. This car was to sweep the snow off the roads throwing it then on the hedges, ending up into the ditches. Initially after seeing it, I did not feel pleased at all, thinking that it will literally clean the snow off the road, covering the allover my car.
This was going to make the pulling of it out the ditch even harder.
I just stared annoyed while watching it slowly approach.
When it reached me îm just standing there surprised while seeing how they stoped their work and then drove near my car, opened the door then asking me weather there was anything that they could do to help.
I did not even see that coming
Accepted their help and within 10 minutes, my car was now being brought back on the road. I could not believe my eyes for getting away with it so easily for such a cheaper price.
I was driving on the road, got into a ditch and now my car was left without damage and I was not being hurt!
This is truly a miracle and the grace of God whom shown me protection in the middle of the danger. When we cannot take control over difficult situations, the Lord will intervene.
Back on road, driving away I then noticed two other cars which, because of the slippery road, had an accident. The front of one of them looked really crushed.
Seeing the state of it, I then thanked to the Lord for keeping me safe throughout this trial and for the fact that my car and I were not affected. After being pulled out of the ditch, because of the panic that I went through, I just drove away another 7 kilometers approximately, înto wrong direction.
Before getting in the ditch, the GPS showed 20 km more to get to the destination but then at around 15-20 de minutes, after getting out of the ditch, (drove slowly and carefully to avoid sliding), the GPS indicated that there were 27 Km extra to get there therefore the destination distance seemed to rather increase instead of being decreased. Pulling over on the side of the road again, got my self orientated and then came to the realization that I was going in the wrong direction.
Then I turned my car and kept on driving without encountering any more adventures.
The very same thing happens on our spiritual path. We may be heading to the wrong direction without realizing however if we are being warned, we turn back from our wrong ways and then head into the right path. I now thank to the Lord for everything I learned throughout this missionary journey.

Reasons for thanksgiving.

  • For His protection in the times when I have no control over the situation.

  • For the fact that He's been using me, an ungreatful slave, for the sharing of the Gospel to the saved and unsaved.

  • For the fact that I got to visit small places and to know new people.

  • For reason that I arrived home safely after all the danger I encountered.

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The prisoners are free, the poor are filled in the name of Jesus Christ

„The cowering prisoners will soon be set free; they will not die in their dungeon, nor will they lack bread.” - (Isaiah 51:14);

„Therefore it says, when he ascended on high he led a host of captives, and he gave gifts to men.” - (Ephesians 4:8)

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-13 at  20.53.54 (1).jpeg

At the end of 2017, together with a brother i met on the mission field at Dăbuleni, we went in many churches from Suceava, where, we preached the Gospel of Lord Jesus; Suceava being the place where he lives. We even went to Ukraine together, where we served. After we finished this work, ‚i invited him in my area, to serve together. He accepted and we went together in many Churches where we preached the Gospel.

This year(the end of 2018), this brother, Daniel Cazemerciuc contacted me saying that he wants to come back in Oltenia on short term to help with the work here. He asked me to be his partner at this mission work. Togheter we shared flyers to the people in Caracal and Corabia, whom we invited to the Church. During the Evangelical service 3 souls surrendered to God by coming out publicly and one soul in Caracal. May God work at their hearts, to keep their ways straight, and to make them aware of the important decision they made.

We didn’t only stop at the spiritual part, but we also tried to help with material part. At Penny market, someone from our team met a boy when asked if he ate something, said he didn’t eat that day at all and that he has home 8 more brothers. We bought for them two big grocery carts full of grocery and sweets; we put them into the back of the car and took them at their house. That view was desolated.9 children living in one room, crowded in a house almost falling apart and dirty. We offered them the groceries, telling them that God loves them and wants to change their lives. Also we encouraged them to clean the house and come to Church. In the attached video you will see how their yard and house looks like.

None of their neighbours wants to talk to them because of the dirt they live in. We were heart broken and touched by the little children, who are so delicate and innocent! We wish to get involved more in the future, helping this family to renovate their house, if God will provide the necessary resources.

While i was gone to do this work, i was far away from Craiova. During this time i was contacted by a fellow sister, who found me through my Youtube channel.This women worked at the hospital and every year she used to bring mission teams in the hospital to organize evangelistic events for doctors and patients. This year she had no evangelistic team available for this work, so she called me. Initially i couldn’t decide whether i should stay for the hospital work or go together with the team in Suceava. I was reticent about leaving Craiova, because i thought that if i go, the hospital work would not be done. I prayed to God, and then i managed to mobilise a team from” Tineri pentru misiune Craiova” , who went, sang christian carols for the doctors and the sick, and the Gospel was spread in that hospital. I am grateful to God for the existence of cell phones, and the things took their course so the Gospel was spread in that hospital. I thank God for the work done in the hospital, and also for the work made with the team in Suceava.

Before i mobilised the team to go to the hospital, for a few weeks in a row i felt a fray in my heart and i was praying to God to help me find a way to bring Gospel into hospital, to sick people. The fact that this women called me and i managed to establish this evangelism, i see it as a response to God’s prayers. Without this women who worked in the hospital, i don’t think i would have been allowed to bring such a large team of christians in a public hospital, who can lead a Evangelism program. I thank God who gives the desire and the achievment!” For it is God who works in you to will and the act in order to fulfill his good purpose.”( Philippienes 2 :13)

While i was gone in that ministry with the team from Succeava, in one day the team was divided in two groups: A group stayed at Corabia for the evening service, and the other group, where i was, went into a village an hour away from Corabia. Over there, the local pastor of that Church allowed me to lead the whole Church program and to organize the whole service from that evening. It was hard for me, because, i had to decide who from my team should speak and how much; i had to decide who from the church should sing and how many songs should sing; then, how many people to pray. In other words, i had to run the whole program and i had to run it in order to achive these goals:

  • God to be gloriefied during that Church service;

  • People to go home changed;

  • To fit it the time scheduale;

  • Nobody from the ministry team to leave home upset because he had a short time to speak.

It was a real chalenge, because the time was limited and every speaker wanted to speak more. I asked God for wisdom, and i decided i would speak less, in order for others to have time to preach more and in this way noone would be sad because he spoke less or couldn’t come to the pulpit. So , even though i ran the program and i had a chance to speak more( to take the biggest cake slice), God helped me  humble myself, and i spoke less, and i let the others preach and tell their testimonies about God’ s work in their lives. During the service, God gave us grace and His Holy Spirit, people began crying, repenting for their sins, and wanting a stronger relationship with God. Even the church pastor was crying during the service. The church was touched, and God was present. I am grateful to God for giving me wisdom how to run the entire service, and helping me act like a true servant.

Next day we all went to the Juvenile Penitenciary from Craiova, where the Gospel was spread to the youth people. At the of the sermon, they were called in front, and almost 3 quarters of 50 young people present in the hall stepped out, as a result to the call of accepting Jesus into their hearts. I don’t know how much they understood from that action they made, but i pray to God to give them the Spirit of revelation to understand what God really wants from them, and that he is the only one who can set them free from the worst slavery: committing sin.

Toward the end of the program, a young man from behind wanted to come forward and ask a question. He came close and we realised that the young man doesn’t speak romanian, only english. Everyone from the group sent him to me, because i was the only one from the group who spoke english. It was a muslim who ended up in jail in Romania because he crossed the border illeagaly, due to the war from his country. He is a practicing muslim, and he told me surprisingly that he doesn’ t understand why we romanians, if we are christians, we swear and drink alcohol. I answeared him back in english that, even though most people in this country declare themselves as christians, only a small procent of them are really practicing christians. This young man caught my attention to speak to him again and i have a truly desire to visit him again at the penitenciary to tell him more about Jesus Christ the Saviour.

A word of meditation from a missionary:

Are you dead or alive? Revelations 3:1-3 “I know your deeds ; you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead. “Who is saying such of things to the church in Ephesus? Jesus who’s  eyes are like a flame of fire.

Here are some signs that a church or a Christian is dying :
1) A dying church rests on its past accomplishments and is satisfied with its present state.
2) A dying church is more concerned about their rituals and their formalities than they are about spirituality.
3) A dying church is more concerned about social change than they are about seeing people changed by the power of God.
4) A dying church is more concerned with material growth than it is with spiritual growth.
5) A dying church is more concerned with pleasing man than it is with pleasing God.

6) A dying church clings more tightly to its creeds and confessions than it does to the Word of God.
7) A dying church is one that loses its conviction that the Bible is the Word of God.
8) A dying church has no agony for the lost.
9) A dying church lives in disobedience toward God’s commands.
10) A dying church lost the joy of salvation and has no excitement for Christ’s  return.

Can you identify yourself in one of these descriptions? Are you dead or alive ?
Revelations 3:1–3 “ Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your deeds perfect before God.”

God in His mercy is giving us the prescription of remedy from such condition.
1) Be watchful – it means to “chase sleep.” They have allowed their past success to lull them into a state of complacency and spiritual slumber. Jesus calls them to chase away sleep. His command is for them to wake up and realize that the victories of yesterday are not sufficient for this day. Our vision ought to be for today and for tomorrow. We are satisfied with what we have and we have lost the fire that made us strong. We must fight the tendency to become still, satisfy, complacent and apathetic. Get busy and work for the Kingdom of God, so you will never fall asleep.
2) Revive – “strengthen the things which remains.” Not everything about them has died. There are still some things that have a spark of life in them. These things are to be revived before they die out. “They are ready to die “literally means, “they are knocking on death’s door.” This is a call for them to get stirred up again for the things of God ! It is a call to revival ! Matthew 6:33 “ Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness...
Prayer – if you have just a time of prayer instead of a life of prayer, seeking God just when you are in trouble.
Hunger for God‘s Word – reading, memorizing, meditating, and practicing it every day.
Fellowship – going to church, prayer meetings, Bible study, not out of obligation, tradition, or custom, but as David said, “Better is one day in God‘s house than thousand days elsewhere. “
Passion and agony for reaching out the lost and dying world. Your love for Jesus, consecration, and commitment to serve Him with your household. Your faith. Wake up and strengthen these things and let them revive again in your life!

Reasons to pray:

  • People from Corabia and Caracal who surrendered their lives to God, to be aware of God of the decision they made, to take it seriously and to live a new life for the glory of God;

  • God to use me to bring constantly short term mission teams, who can bring people to salvation in Oltenia;

  • Young people from prison who answeared the calling of repentence by stepping in front, to be aware of the decision made and to live changed lives for the glory of God!;

  • God to bring repentence in the hearts of those who heard the Gospel in the hospital!;

  • Pray for me so God tells me if it’s his will to get involved in starting a permanent ministry at one of the hospitals in Craiova!;

  • God to tell me if it is His will or not for me to get involved more often or permanent in the penitenciary ministry, led by brother Lupu Viorel!;

  • For a long time i have been thinking and praying to God to tell me it it is His will to start a ministry work at one tv channel from Craiova. I want to rent a place to record once a week and make a tv show through which i will bring people from Craiova and the surroundings to Church. I wish God shows me if it is His will to start this ministry and if it is His will, to tell me HOW to do it and give me the necesary resources!;

God to help me maintain a relantioship with the young people from Tpm, and also, to put me in touch with other missionary teams to be beside me for the ministry here in Craiova.

Daniel Davidescu

Poor family with 9 childrens:

Video from 2017 street evanghelism event:

December 2018 Corabia:

Hospital ministry, december 2018:


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The Interational and Intercultural Mission in my country: Romania

World race 1.jpeg

Couple of years ago, the Lord spoke to me about getting involved into his plan, mainly about taking part into the International and Intercultural mission as a missionary. 
By the end of 2017, I traveled along with the international mission to countries such as Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.

These were the places where I shared the gospel to and where I had an extraordinary experience as being the ministry, within the contact with these churches from these two particular countries.

For a longer matter of time I used to believe that the International and Intercultural Mission only had to deal with the travelling from country to country and to just preach the gospel and then leave however, lately I aquired a better more insight based on that. 
Yes, this does make it a part of the mission but not for just the most of it.
 The Internațional and Intercultural Mission also refers to the receiving and cooperation along with other foreign missionaries from another countries, here within the Romanian country not not only.

World race 3.jpeg

I have experienced this in the city of Drăgănești, where the American team of missionaries known as the Word Race, came into Romania in order to work as missionaries. 
The World Race is a programme which consists of young, native, English language speakers. Most of them were originally from American and they are travelling for an eleven month period, into eleven different countries within the mission. That makes up to a different country each month.

It must be a real challenge for then the reason that they are cooperating with teams whom are not speaking English as their own language. Let's not exclude the fact that , a particular missionary member from a different foreign country with a complete different background culture, will more than likely come up with a different theology other than your own.
 It is an experience unto which, the host and the World Racer programme, benefits from the spiritual point of view but also from the experience of working as a missionary team.
I can recall the times I served for as a translator, for an American missionary team where they were trying to preach the Gospel to the people within my country.
 It has been a very interesting and challenging experience.
It may be difficult for you to believe that from the whole thing, the most successful task was the spreading of the gospel, which was shared by the foreign missionaries and it highlighted the contrast between a native Romanian speaker and a foreign one. Huge difference.

It may not seem very logical to you and you may find you self asking, why?
When the foreign missionaries approached the local pedestrians, they appear to have a better reaction and attitude and interest towards the word of God in comparison to the times when they are being exposed to the gospel coming from a native Romanian body of Christ.
The refusal rate of listening to the gospel spreading on the streets is so much lower for a foreigner whom speaks out with the help of a translator comparing to the one whom is native Romanian preacher.
When the Romanians come in touch with someone of a different native language other than their own and the fact that they come from a different cultural background, they suddenly become more curious regarding that particular individual and become more receptive to whatever they are being told.
This phenomena is helping for the advancement of the gospel. 
This is a tactic God may use in order to get rid of this apparent cultural linguistic barrier and in order to get rid of the locks into which many people's hearts are stuck as they are the ones whom do not show a sign of interest in the receiving of the gospel from their own co-nationals!

Another missionary work that I took part into along with the World Race members was the distribution of free eye glasses to the people that were not able to afford them, they received them then for free. 
Within the team, there were also members that had medical preparation and they measured people's blood pressure.
We wished to reflect the love of Christ by looking after their health and to win their hearts for their salvation.

Reasons for thanksgiving:

  • I am thankful to the Lord for using me into the intercultural mission within the country of România;

  • I am thanking to the Lord for having mercy on me and offering me the salvation, ten years ago.

  • I am thanking to the Lord for making a way, for making me worthy of being his own servant.

  • I am greatfull for the new people that I met, whom inspired me and to whom I have inspired.

  • I thank to all the young World Race team members that I had the chance to get into contact with and with whom I worked together with for a shortwhile.

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Almost dead, but not killed

Poză principală.jpg

Close to death experience:

In 2018, my car spent 4 months in a service, because the engine was broken and needed to be replaced. When i got it back, the engine was fixed, but a mirror was broken, it had a bent body part, it had engine oil spill, the engine shield and the oil pan shield was removed, and the hood did not close properly. I didn’t have these problems when i took the car to the service. When i brought the car to be fixed it only needed a new engine, and now it has all these problems. It’s like when you go to the doctor office with one disease, and after the treatment you go back with 5 new diseases.

Shortly after i picked up the car from the mecanic, i took a hitchhicker and i spoke to him about Christ. After i took the man to the destination, i headed home. While driving, the hood opened, and broke my window. For couple of seconds i didn’t see anything. Those were the longest seconds of my life. The car was speeding, and i couldn’t see the road because of the hood. There was the risck of hitting the cars from the opposite side of the road, or even entering a ditch. Due to the force of impact of the opened hood, the car window broke. With God’s help i managed to keep the car in the middle of the road, even though i couldn’t see anything, and finally i managed to stop. I checked to see the demages and only my window was broken. I was very grateful to God because i survived and i had no fizical injury, only the car being damaged. It’s an amazing grace and i see God’s mercy and protection just because i got away unharmed. Being close to death, made me realize, how many people die each day, in car accidents, or in other ways and go to Hell for eternety. This experience made me analyze my life more carefully and get closer to God, understanding how fragile life is. It also motivated me to be more persistent in the struggle of bringing people to faith. Realizing the fact that we don’t own time and life made me realize again how unpredictable people are about the moment of death.

My beloved, for your soul’s strenghtening, i want to tell you another experience about cars. I wish through what i say below, the name of Jesus to be glorified and praised!

How i bought a car and how i got my driver’s license                                                     

For a long time i served God by walking , using a van, or even hitchhicking.

When i would get into the people’s cars while hitchhicking, i would preach the Word.( I do the same to the hitchhickers now that i have a car). When i had no car, sometimes it happened to hitchhick for 3 hours and nobody stoped, other times, somebody would stop and take me. Because of that, it was possible to be late, or not reach the destination. When you don’t own a transport mean, you can’t have a stabile mission program in a certain place, because you are never sure you are going to make it i started praying for a car and i prayed for several months. The year 2017 was the year God blessed me with a car( the first car i had, at 23 years old). I prayed a lot, and God gave it to me, and also helped me to get my driver’s license.

The driver license adventure is a true miracle of God, which is worth mentioning in these lines. I was an extremely bad driver, i could barely start the car, and when i changed the  gear while driving, i had to stare for a few seconds at the gear lever to figure out how to use it. And also in a large intersection, i used to  panic and didn’t know what to do, i would get stuck.

My instructors told me i will never get my driver’s license, unless i bribe. I urgently needed a driver’s license, to do ministry work, because, by hitchhicking i would have never made it in time to the places where God made it possible for me to serve, so i prayed to God:”God, what shall i do? Is it right to bribe in order to pass my driver’s license exam?” I opened the Bible and it opened at Philippians 1-6 „And i am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ”.Reading that verse i felt encouraged and i knew God spoke to me. He who started the work to make me independent regarding the displacement; he who gave me money for a car and the driving license school, will end the work, by helping me pass the exam. I told my instructor i will not bribe and i will go by faith. He discouraged me and laughed at me saying i was a bad driver and i have no chance to pass the exam unless i give him the bribe, to give it to the police officer in charge with the exam. I knew he is saying that, because usually the instructors from Romania ask bribe for the police officers, when actually, they keep the money, and during the day of the exam, if it happens to pass because of your knowledge, he says you passed because he helped you, and if it happens to fail, he says he will give the bribe next time... Even though i knew this, when he told me i will not pass unless i bribe, knowing i am a bad driver, i began to doubt if God really spoke to me about passing the exam, or maybe i got it all wrong. So i searched for answears in desperate prayers and in the Bible. I said : „God, i will ask You one more time!” and i opened the Bible again, and it opened at Matthew 14:31:” of little faith why did you doubt?” Reading this verse made me feel ashamed for asking God the second time and i decided to trust Him no matter what. I confirmed to the instructor( who was pressing me to change my mind) that i don’t want to bribe in order to pass the exam. He got angry and said i will not get the driver license. The day i had the exam, i was nervous. After i finished driving, the police officer, who wasn’t a born again christian, looked at me and asked me:”Why do you need the driving license?” And i said: „ I need it to do God’s work!” And he says:”Passed!” I couldn’t believe it! While i was driving i made some big mistakes and i was sure i will fail the exam. A child jumped rapidly in front of me during the exam, and the instructor had to use the brake. For this kind of mistake, usually you fail the exam instantly. I tought i didn’t hear him right when he said:”Passed!”, so i asked him again: „ Did you say i passed?” And he looks at me and says: „Yes,Passed!”

I was full of joy! I was extremely happy!

When my instructor, who knew i am a christian, found out i got the driver’s license looked at me and couldn’t believe that i passed without bribing. I saw my God is alive, he does miracles in my life and is a real God. After i took my driver’s license, i put my car at Lord’s disposal and drove thousands of miles to do ministry work. I went to areas and Churches where i never could have went if i had no car.

Reasons to be thankful:

  • I thank and i am grateful to God, for all the areas in the country and abroad which he allowed me to see with this car given by Him and for all the souls that have been strenghtened through the ministry work i did;

  • I thank Him and i praise Him through faith, for all things are under His dominion, even those who last for a second;

  • I thank Him for getting me out alive and phisically unharmed.

Prayer requests:

  • Wherever i will go and i will preach, God to put word in my mouth! The church to be build up, and God to bring a spiritual awakening through the word i preach;                                                   

  • God to help me reach out to all the areas where i was called to preach the Gospel! To prepare the mission grups who travel with me and also, to take care of the fuel necessary to get us there and take us back. At the moment there are brothers from 4 areas of the country, far away from where i live, calling me for a few months now to come and preach in their Churches, but i couldn’t go because of the long road and the lack of necessary resources. Some of the people who call me to ministry in their Churches, got in contact with me through my media work, and others know me personally.                                                                                                          

  • God bless me with resources to fix my car. In the current state it has engine fuel leaks, cracked windscreen, the hood is tied down with wire, and the shield which protects the oil pan is removed;

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Take advantage of the religious freedom!


Take advantage of the religious freedom as long as we still have it, to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus to all the people!!!

We had an extraordinary time, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Bals.
Every time I share the Gospel of Jesus Christ I feel spiritually reinvigorated and become filled with joy.
In Bals there are two Evangelical Churches, a Baptist and a Pentecostal one however there is also an Orthodox and an Jehovah”s Witnesses Church. Meanwhile sharing the Gospel to the residents of Balș, I met a travellers family and they were Jehovah's Witnesses as their religious background. At first, I did not realised that so I went ahead and shared the Gospel to them. They listened joyfully but then got suddenly interrupted by the curiosity in their eyes and asked weather I was a Jehovah's Witnesses too. When I told them that I wasn't and that my aim was to present them the salvation of Jesus Christ, they said they were no longer interested, stopped listening and left.

They are an unfortunate case although I also met people that were willing to hear about their salvation and were open to receive the Gospel flyers and the New Testaments which we were handing out. While carrying out my sermons, I had the chance to talk to children, teenagers, adults, and the old however the most receptive to the word were the teenagers and children between the ages of 10-14. God gave me the opportunity to talk to a very interesting person which I met, a fine grown man unto which I had a very challenging conversation with. 
He stated that he no longer needed to repent because he already loves Jesus Christ, so much and that as a proof, he showed a big painting which he made, a portrait of Jesus Christ which he put up then in his home and said he prays to it on a daily basis while facing it. I explained to him that it is impossible for anybody to be saved without having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, without knowing God personally and without ,,walking with Him'' here on earth and obeying Him. I carried out the longest conversation with this particular man however still did not manage to convince.
As part of this mission I also delivered Gospel flyers into the building's staircase in the residents mailbox.
A poll made in 2011 estimates that Balș has over 26.000 citizens and over 90% of them are Orthodox. Here is a great field for Evangelism but the workers are few.

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for unity between Evangelical Churches in Balș;

  • More people come to Christ!;

  • New opportunities for people to hear the Gospel;

  • Long and short term mission teams to come together and help the spreading of the Gospel to all people from Balș;

  • The people that were exposed to the Bible, to be touched by God and to repent!

  • The man with the painting of Jesus to be touched by God and to repent!;

  • For the Jehovah's Witnesses travellers family that I spoke with, to be touched by God and to repent!

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Do not let your self down when the Evil tries to make you stumble! Just keep going!!

Update principal deplasare.jpeg

Throughout the E2E Biblical Preparation Program, we encountered a module which aimed the study of how to link partnerships in a practical manner, by sending the students into several cities, among which I was myself, for the development of our own individual tasks.

The displacement lasted for a week and the students of the Biblical School were escorted by their mentors, travelling for the purpose of the finding of new collaborative ties throughout the following cities:

  • Alba Iulia

  • Arad

  • Cluj Napoca

  • Timisoara

  • Oradea

It has been a tiring period of time due to the fact that we had to travel long distances from town to town, arranging phone calls, setting up meetings and carrying out discussions with unknown individuals.

Throughout this experience, we had to put our 100% effort into and by giving our very best and as a result, it was very well worth it.

This has been a new experience for the each and one of us and learned things that could be only taught by experience. I am thankful to the Lord for offering me such a wonderful opportunity to learn so many practical things that I can now apply into my own calling into the works of the Lord.

Before the beginning of this experience, we all had an incomplete perspective regarding the life of a missionary. However through this experience, I realised that I can not do all the works for the Lord on my own and learned the importance of a permanent missionary team and partners.

This has been a fresh start for some students into the life as a missionary but some of us were already involved into the works for the Lord, for a longer matter of time, except the fact that we were not involved in teams with missionary partners but we worked individually.

Taking my self as an example, personally, I been working for the Lord for many years without having a missionary team established and without any support through partners.

This experience gave me a better insight of the importance of a team and team members and made me come up to the realisation that If I had a missionary team established along with team members, I would have had a better chance to develop my ministry for the Lord in a shorter matter of time.

Another advantage of the time spent along with the team members was to get to know each other more, which helped us come to the agreement that we could collaborate în the future în missionary projects.

I am delighted for the fact that I was able to preach in a very known church in Arad and was able to stand before the young and preach the Gospel. The highlight of the speech was the importance of the social media and the use of social media into the works of God.

Through a single post exposing Bible verses and a simple Biblical image posted, we can reach a higher number of people which have never heard the Good News. With a simple click, we can share the Gospel to thousands from our friend list on the social media platform such as Facebook and YouTube.

Sharing the Gospel individually form man to man would consist of a physical and a huge financial effort. However through the Internet, it all became easier.

The internet and the social media platform în general, and Facebook and YouTube in particular, may have a huge negative impact towards the youth.

It can negatively affect their faith in case they make a use it for a sinful purpose. However it may also have a positive impact and a huge potential in the spreading of the Gospel to a higher number of people in a smaller matter of time by involving very little financial support.

We are living in the end times and we must take advantage of all the possible resources we can reach in order to spread the Gospel to a greater population!

I will discuss more based on the importance of the social media works in a future article where I will also discuss in simplified detail about the works I do regarding in this particular sector and about the need of use of social media as a tool for spreading the Gospel for the lost ones.

I felt very pleased by the warm welcoming of the youth in the Church of Arad. however on the return to our home, we encountered a small car damage which held us back for a short while but we did not give up, we managed to solve the problem and kept on going.

The very same we must proceed in our lives, when a small issue arises, we must get up again from falling and continue through our walk with God!

Reasons to be thankful for:

  • Thanks to the Lord for the things that I learned throughout this mission.

  • I give thanks to all the donors for turning the impossible into possible, without their help I would have never been able to afford my self enough to spend from own pocket money in order to travel to all those cities and to learn so many important things.

  • I am thankful for all the beautiful places I have seen during this travelling opportunity and feel thankful for meeting all those wonderful people, making new friends unto which some still keep in touch.

  • Thank you for offering me the opportunity to share with others my personal experience as a missionary!

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At E2E we learn about the value of human life!


Here at the E2E Bible School, I have learned many lessons that are very beneficial for a misionary person.. We studied subjects about the evangelism, about expository preaching and about many other important things which relate to a misionary person. One of the lessons I will never forget was the time when we formed a missionary team of students and then went into the cemetery. We then came up with some key points which we wrote down on the white board and discussed about in a brief detail, when returned to the class The gaveyard is a strange place and it may be difficult for some to believe that the students of a Biblical School went to a graveyard in order to learn something from it. You can learn a lot of things from the graveyard!

When you have the perspective of death in front of you, all those plans you made for yourself, all your personal ambition and desires falls. When you look up at those gravestones and then get to see how many people died without the salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ, you can not go further without proceeding for the desire of doing some more works for God, for something that creates and impact and that gets to be remembered.

When you realize how many people receive the eternal punishment without having the opportunity to hear about repentance and the salvation which is given through our Lord, Jesus Christ, a great mercy overcomes your soul for all those people that are still alive and the joy for the fact that you can still do something about for their salvation.

1 Some people pass away earlier than others, but, in the end, all will dye!

Ref: (Genesis 44:20)

2 After our death, behind us, will remain just a simple graveyard cross, tethered into the ground!

Ref: (Galatians 6:14)

3 People falsely believe that after dying, they will live in the memory of others. (What the Bible has to say in relation to that?

Ref: Eclesiastic 9:5,6; 1 Peters 4:5; Hebrew 9:27; Romans 14:10; Revelation 20:4

4 As long as we're still alive, it does never really cross our minds that one day, we will all eventually go!

Ref: (Job 24:24)

5 Some people are spiritually dead, and so some are dead in flesh.

Ref: (Ephesians 2:1; 1 Peter 2:24)

6 How much impact, either positive or negative, do you have towards the others while you are still alive on earth?

Ref: (Proverb 22:1; Eclesiastic 7:1);

7 The regrets of others will not bring you the salvation after you have died

Ref: (Luke 16).

8 Try and learn to cherish people while they are still alive!

9 NOW it is the time to bring flowers to the loved ones, once they are gone, they will no longer be able to smell them!

Ref: (Songs of Solomon 2:12).

10 After dying, all you will remain with is a sack of bones and if someone gets to see it, they will not be able to figure out about the number of years you have lived here on earth or the wealth that you have had.

Ref: ( Proverbs 23:4).

Verses to meditate

(*) Rejoice, O young man, in your youth,

And let your heart cheer you in the days of your youth;

Walk in the ways of your heart,

And in the sight of your eyes;

But know that for all these

God will bring you into judgment.

Ref: (Eclesiastic 11:9);

(*) The most common thing the right and the poor has:

The Lord is the Maker of them all.

Ref: (Proverbs 22:2;)

(*) People are destined to pass away for once, after that they will face judgment.

Ref: (Hebrew 9:27)”

Prayer requests:

  • For my family members (mom, dad, and grandmother) to get to truly know Christ in order to be saved!;

  • For my self to represent a light in the mist of my family and into the mist of the world!;

  • More eficiency in the ministry.;

  • Anointhing of God every time I make a public speech, outdoors or on the street.

  • The Anointing of God over every single videoclip that I upload. God to touch, transform and bring closer to Him every soul which reaches every videos that I posted.

  • For God to give me the proper helper (a wife by His will and not my will, by His plan and not by my plans);

  • A clearer destination for my mission after leaving the E2E Biblical school. I already made a plan regarding my ministry into which I wish to further proceed and to have more room for other misionary activites. I seek guidance from Lord for the grey and blank areas into which I can get involved;

  • For God to give me patience and the will in my life for all his works I do for him, in all domains!

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