Daniel davidescu

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My life before knowing God

My name is Davidescu Daniel and I was born in a village called Potelu, in an orthodox family from Oltenia. I was a curious person since I have known myself. During my childhood summer holidays, I read a lot of books trying to find the meaning of life. Since then, I asked myself if there was anything after death. Reading many books and not managing to find the truth by the age of 15, I decided to read the Bible (The Holy Book).

Surprisingly, I could not understand this Book. I was upset as I have read so many in the past and understood their messages of all kind of types and yet, could not understand this One. But I understood one thing that I was a sinner and I had to change if I wanted to get to Heaven. I tried to do that for some months. I struggled as hard as I could, by my own means, trying to be a better person and giving up everything I thought was a sin in my life: bad language, violence, mocking others, beating them, scandals, etc.

Even if I tried to change really hard, it was only temporary. It lasted only for a little while until I went back to my old habits. I got again in scandals, fighting and troubles, being very sad that I could not respect the level of holiness that is seen in the Bible. After failing to obtain redemption by my own strengths and self-righteousness, I thought there was no other way for me to be ever redeemed and that there was no other solution for me. I felt lost, hopeless.

The conversion

One day, I was playing tennis with a group of friends. Another group of teenagers that I have never seen before approached the field and started to talk to my friend that I was playing with. I could not hear what they were talking about, as the playing field was a little big. All I wanted was them to leave so that I could continue playing. Seeing that they didn’t stop talking, I became agitated and I tried to hit with a ball the head of the boy leading the conversation. Fortunately, the ball just passed by his skull and I missed him. I thought I could get him angry and went towards him in a provocative way, ready to fight with him in case he would have just said a word. Surprisingly, he was so absorbed to preach the Gospel to my friend that he didn’t even notice the ball that just went by his head. Suddenly, without even wanting to, I was captivated by what he was saying and I started to listen to him carefully. Noticing that I was paying attention, he talked directly to me, preaching the Gospel to me and calling me to repentance. For the first time, all the meaningless verses I have read before started to make sense. My heart was overwhelmed by the Word of God and I felt like He was talking to me through that boy, calling me to repentance. There was a big struggle inside myself: if I should repent or not. Finally, I accepted to go with them in the backyard so that they could pray for me. When they laid their hands above my head, I felt like a big burden had been lifted up upon my soul and I was free. I felt peace and happiness filling my heart. I felt that I had a purpose in my life and that I was a new person.

The struggle after the conversion

There was a big change within me, and all my friends, acquaintances and my family have noticed it. Before knowing God, I was swearing all the time and I had a bad language, I was a violent person. But after I was born again, no bad word went out from my mouth again. My friends could not understand and kept saying that I was ‘brain washed”. They thought I would go back to normal in a couple of days and I would be again the old Dan they have known. But thanks God, it did not happen that way. The days were passing by and I kept going on God’s way. My school mates were surprised by the way I had changed from a violent and rough person to a good and kind one. Although I became a born again man, I was feeling in my heart that I haven’t done enough yet. I felt very sorry for the bad things I have done and felt like I should apologize to the ones I’ve harmed. And once again, a struggle was taking place inside me as it was very difficult to take that step. My thought was: What if the people that I want to apologize to choose to beat me as they know that a child of God cannot react, what would I do? I was thinking of what my reaction would be in case a conflict would start.  I was so afraid that if I were to be physically attacked that I would not have the strength not to respond. Starting a fight would have made me lose my redemption. My biggest fear was that I could lose the wonderful Salvation that our Lord Jesus had just offered me. At the same time, I could not stand that guilty feeling in my soul towards the persons I was in conflict with. I had to do something! I asked the help of a brother in Jesus who was more mature in faith and we went into fasting and praying. As a consequence I have received such a courage and boldness that I was even ready to be beaten in the name of God and not to respond to the violence. I have succeeded to ask them for forgiveness and surprisingly, they were not violent at all. And once again, God has shown His mercy and His glory!

God’s call to His Work

Since I have been born again I presented my testimony to all the people I was in contact with, having a big inner desire to call to God as many of them as possible. Therefore, since the first months of my repentance, I started to recite Christian poems in the church that I have learned by heart. Everyone was happy of my activity in the church, but inside me I felt like it was not enough, and God had a much bigger plan with me. I started to pray harder and to fast before God so that He could discover me if He had another plan with me besides preaching the Gospel to people and reciting poems in the Church. The Lord sent to me people that I have never met before, to deliver me confirmation messages from God about my calling. Many of them told me that the Lord has called me to a big Ministry, and that the Gospel will reach many people through me. A woman brought me this message from God: “At the beginning, The Lord will give you a small Ministry, but if you will be faithful, it will grow and will become a very big one”.

Entering into the work of God

I was guided by the Lord to open a YouTube channel and post sermons, testimonies and Christian music. I also translated testimonies from English and posted them there. During the first months after doing so, there were only few views and not so many people entered in contact with the Gospel through this online ministry that I was doing. In my mind, there was no way this could become “the big work” God has told me about for so many times through different people. But I remained faithful and I continued to work for Him the best I could, to translate materials from English, edit videos, recruit volunteers, and even open a new channel. Working hard and faithfully, the Lord has made this work grow bigger and bigger. One of the two channels has after 6 months of ministry: 75.000 subscribers, over 18.000.000 views, and since it was opened until now (the end of 2018) there are over 167.000.000 minutes viewed of Christian materials.
God surprised me by the fact He was using me, an insignificant person, and throughout my work on Media, the Gospel reached so many people. I would have never thought that God could have such a marvelous plan with me. I am so happy when someone comments on the posted videos, telling me that he wants to meet and know God and to be redeemed. Doing this online ministry, I have been contacted by many people and I managed to lead them into confession and repentance prayers. They were touched by God, and dedicated their lives to our Lord Jesus. Some of them even cried and showed a true sign of becoming born again Christians.
I did not limit myself to the online working, but I also went on the mission field in various Churches preaching the Gospel both nationally and internationally. Two separate Churches made me a proposal in order  to be officially ordained as their minister however it could  not further be proceeded due to my marital status as being single although there are quite a few number of churches that already have considered me as their minister, also onto which I do operate  as a minister.  I visited multiple churches in Romania, where I had the opportunity to use my preaching gift, and I spoken various Biblical messages from the Scripture, for the spiritual growth of the members. Also, since 2017, I went multiple times to Ukraine, where I preached the Gospel at the church level. In Ukraine, I also recorded some testimonies of some Ukrainian missionaries for my YouTube channel, for the encouragement of the body of Christ. Also during 2017, I have formed a team of preachers and went to the Moldavia Republic, where we preached in a church, for the strengthening of the believers’ community. I love to organize public revival services, to preach the Gospel, and talk directly to people about their salvation.

My activities include:

  • Roma Ministry: Preaching, teaching Bible in the Churches and spiritual counseling;

  • Evangelism: In Roma and romanian comunityes & International and intercultural;

  • Media;

  • Social;

  • Working with Short-term teams.

How can you get involved?

  • Sustaining me and my work by praying

  • Counseling and mentoring: If you have experience in any field of the ministry, you can contact me. Knowing more about my ministry, you could give me some advice that would help develop my activity;

  • Get involved for a short or long term as a volunteer, working with me at the projects I am involved,

  • Promote my ministry in your local Church, and present me to other believers that are willing to involve or support my ministry;

  • Donating once for my ministry;

  • Supporting financially my ministry for a period of time, by donating monthly