Daniel davidescu


My name is Daniel Davidescu and I am from Olt County.

I became a christian 10 years ago and since then I serve in many ministries in Romania but also in Ukraine or Republic of Moldova.

Seven years ago, through a vision, God told me that I will spread the gospel to millions of people. I didn’t know when or how but most of all, I didn’t know If I am capable of doing it.

After a while, God gave me the vision to start a ministry through media. I didn’t have many expectations but this ministry slowly developed until I had 70.000 subscribers and 10.000.000 people were touched by my videos.

I also had the pleasure of sharing the Word of God on the streets and in some churches. Many people told me that they were deeply touched by the power of the gospel and they were encouraged to start a new life with Jesus.

My vision is to continue my work in spreading the Word through media, touching many non-christian people, but also on the streets or churches.