Cornel Stef


I am humbled and at the same time honored to be part of such a worthy ministry as Partners in
Evangelism International.
I was born and raised in Romania, now part of the European Union. My wife Gabriela and I came to the U.S.A. as religious refugees during the severe communist regime back in 1983, together with my parents and my siblings.

Right after the fall of communism I have looked back to my country wondering if there was something that I could do to help spread the Word of God in that thirsty land. As a young man I loved music, and was for many years singing with my siblings. My wife has been involved in Children's ministry.

So, with the gifts that the Lord gave us, we started to go back. Together with my extended family, we have found our first national missionary, decided to support him financially, but needed an organization that we can belong to.
I have already met Gene Brush for a few years, and one day my wife heard him on Moody Radio sharing about Partners in Evangelism International. We immediately knew that this is what we were looking for. God has orchestrated everything for us.

Together with my extended family we have formed the Romania partnership committee, and started to support our first Romanian missionary Timotei Stinea in the city of Victoria, Romania, and help him build the first church building of any kind in that town.
Shortly after that our committee expanded the ministry over to the Northern border into the Southern part of the Ukraine.

Our involvement with PIE expanded over the years. My wife worked at the PIE office for a few years doing data entry and receipting for the donations, then my sister Daniela got involved with the work at the office and together we started to help Gene Brush and the other volunteer leaders improving the policies, and sharing our experience in working with the Romania - Ukraine committees to improve the function of each US partnership ministry in their relations with the national ministries. Gene Brush, the
founder and president of PIEI has asked me to step up and take the role of Vice President a few years back, and in 2006 has offered me the position of PIEI president. I knew that I could never fit in his shoes, but he assured me that I had my own shoes to fill!

I praise God for the opportunities that I have to serve Him along side with such godly people, with such devotion and love, and with a world wide vision of evangelism.

Being bilingual and bicultural has helped me to understand the similarities as well as the differences of Americans and people from other countries, other cultures, and other languages. I am privileged to be a part of global evangelization, and so blessed to get to know, first hand, our wonderful national missionaries, in so many parts of the world, get to know their visions, their heart beats, and their accomplishments in reaching their own countries with the Gospel. I am also so touched to learn abouttheir struggles, their needs, their sacrifices, and I considered it an honor to let other dedicated believers here at home in the U.S. know about their work.

I appreciate this ministry so much for being an all volunteer organization. I believe that what makes us so unique is the gift of giving that all the volunteers have. There is a lot of work that is being done by all our volunteers. Each country is represented by a committee of volunteer workers who are the helping hand of the national missionaries, and the link between them and the supporting partners, helping them find and maintain support, and doing everything they can to help with their projects and various ministries.

As a volunteer worker myself, a busy man with a business, a family, and lots of responsibilities, I can tell you that, in spite of our busy lives, "where there is a will, there is a way", it has never been truer. The Lord will enable you to find the time and the resources to invest in His work, when you have first given your heart to him, and become a willing servant.
We are people blessed from both sides. Blessed by the missionaries and blessed by the faithful believers here in the US who have impacted my life and do not stop to touch me with their love and generosity. I have seen people who I have never met before not only get interested in the support of nationals, but get directly involved in projects, short term mission trips, giving food and clothing, and becoming missionaries themselves, with some coming on board as volunteers with PIEI.

As for me, I have a very close working relationship with Gene Brush, now our Executive Vice President, and with our General Director Wayne Taylor. We have a very harmonious relationship that it is very special. We feel the Spirit leading in each one. Our former general Director, now general director emeritus Ray Talmage has been such an encouragement and an inspiration for me. We all are blessed
for the work and dedication of my wife who is our ministry secretary, and my sister who is our treasurer.

I am an ordinary man, but I believe that the Lord has chosen me for my love for Him and for my desire to serve and please Him. My wife is constantly at my side, supporting and helping me, my children are amazing and love the Lord, and I am a truly blessed man.

My vision for Partners in Evangelism is to reach in more countries of the world - through the ministry of national missionaries, and have more partners here in the US stretch their helping hand and make a difference. I also desire to see our existing missionaries get more support, so that they would have less financial burdens, and more opportunities to do the work of the Lord in more effective ways. I also envision the US becoming a model for other countries to start the support of nationals, as well as the nationals' own countrymen getting behind the support of their own people.

Cornel Stef
PIEI, President