God loves the lilttle children

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The mission and work that God gave to me, and which I make with a lot of love in the beautiful city of Craiova, is to serve kids and young people who don't know God yet.

Using different kind of activities and their language, I bring them the message of the Gospel in a way they can understand.

I do my best to present the truth of Jesus in all its glory, and sometimes I use my personal testimony to show them that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. I already have three neighbourhoods where I work with this kind of kids, especially gipsies, who need a special attention because of the environment they live in.

We have many funny and educative activities through which they can find their way in this life. I try to teach these kids with kindness and my goal is to plant in their hearts the word of truth so they can make wise decisions when they reach maturity.

I pray that the care and blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ reaches each one of the kids I work with!

My vision is to continue this great work, to invest in these beautiful souls and, with God's help, to build a centre where we can make even more activities with kids who need help. We want them to enjoy the hope and the future we have in Jesus.

Please pray for:

- Growth in my relationship with Jesus!;

- Directions for my place in His ministry;

- The seed of the Gospel to grow in the hearts of the children;

- Resources to continue the work that God gave me here in Craiova.

Important: Select Fund: ROMANIA MINISTRIES, Sub Fund: 24203 from the donation form and specify my name / project in the Comment section.