God gives them hope


I am amazed more and more by these children, they are very receptive to the gospel and to what Jesus wants to speak to them.

I try to teach them to sing, and to accept the biblical lesson in their minds, we do many interesting games that these children adore.

May the Lord be glorified

It is important to note that these children live very poor, have some parents who do not take care of them, many of them walk dirty and unspoiled every week without caressing anyone.

They also have a soul, they have desires, they are only children, they are created by God.

I do not want to be careless, I want to do something for them, I want to help them, without waiting for something in return.

Pray together with me!

Offer encouragement!



  • God's word to deeply penetrate into their minds and souls

  • Their behavior changes more and more toward God and parents

  • Wisdom every time I teach the truth of God

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