The blood of Jesus still wash away our sins!

I am thankful to the Lord for saving me from this sinful world. I am grateful for the care he carries for me and for everything he does for me.

Thank you Lord!

God is my father and I want to serve Him all my life, no matter the hardship that will come upon me, I want to do something for him, I want to honor Him, I can not stand no matter when those around me die in sin.

That is why I give all my strength to do his will, I want every man to know that Jesus died and for him, to tell them that he loves them and wants them to give them a future and hope.

This is my main goal!

Is this your purpose?

If YES does not stop on your way, run violently towards him without worrying about the world's words.

But if you do not, look at Jesus and see everything He does for you, then go and do the same!

God bless you!

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