Planting the seed


In February and March we continue the distribution of the Good Seed material from the word of the Lord and also vegetables seeds in Maruntei vilage. In 15-16 March, together with M4 team, we went at Panicel, there was a meeting for equipping missionaries. At this conference God opened our eyes and give us a new way to begin the meeting with believers and non-believers from Maruntei at Sunday programs, to worship God with praise and singing. 

      Continuously in Draganesti-Olt, in our study group, we are studying the word of God, in order to bring them to the church.

      With the team 9000 souls, we distribute literature, seeds and preach of the Word, bringing hope and consolation to those who do not know our Lord Jesus Christ well, in order to contribute also to their guidance for repetance and salvation.