News about my ministry

Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ; 

          Because God asks all our children to learn how to bring His glory from Draganesti-Olt to the world, in January, it was a new beginning for me, with the opening of the E2E program based in Craiova and Draganesti -Olt. The E2E program lasted until July, when at this time we studyed 10 modules. Along with these courses, I also had evangelistic activities in Draganesti, Craiova, Maruntei and Balanesti.

Since the beginning of July I have been active in the missionary planting church in Maruntei village and the village of Balanesti, under Berechet Octavian, while in Draganesti-Olt we continue the evangelistic program in which we include the activities of the 9000 soulsl team the leadership of Bulfan George and myself as a co-leader.

Under the 9000 Souls program, we will continue to recruit and train new mission workers and evangelization to integrate into the Draganesti Hope Church as many souls as possible of the 9,000 whom we pray to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to prepare for to be saved.

In order for God to fulfill, please humiliate us to carry on in your prayers as we are in order to fulfill His glory. 


Prayer requests: 

  • For to form churches in Maruntei village

  • For the Evangelistic group in Draganesti and numerical growth and integration into the Hope Church through participation and baptism

  • The numerical and spiritual growth of the group in Balanesti and their integration into the church of Christ

  • And for me to have wisdom, spiritual guidance, and the proclamation of the Word of God with the power and clarity.