Hope for Oltenia


Dear brothers in Christ, during the months of September and October, we had Evangelistic activities and Social Events in the village called Maruntei and the City of Draganesti, Romania, 

We brought material blessings to the poor and the needy, especially in the village of Maruntei.

According to Matthew 22:39, we looked forward to express our love and compassion towards our neighbour in a practical manner by sharing clothing, food and eye glasses with the help of our partners in mission.

The small Evangelical group which I and Gheorghe Bulfan lead together, continues to proceed with the help of the weekly fundraising which is made every Sunday.

The disciple's group into which I take part in and which is furthered by Paul Ebel and Octabian Berechet, also improves through the teachings of Christ and it develops in an outnumber.

Prayer requests

For the Lord to strengthen my preaching skills and give me more courage. 

For the word of God to ripe into the hearts of more and more people so that a higher number of individuals would come and seek repentance, to confess publicly and to take membership into the Church family through the Water Baptism.

Assistance in the succeeding of the foundation of an Evangelical Church to be built, in the village of Maruntei.

Support us through prayer for our team as we also do for you, dear brothers in Christ, Amen.

Caragea Sorin