Church Planting


My dear brothers in Christ,
In March, during the church planting in Maruntei, together with our team and God’s help, we managed to open a new church, the daughter of Hope Church Draganesti-Olt. In this way I would like to thank God for this achievement.
The place we gather for worship is within a sea container which has already become incomprehensible for the believers and simpathiziers we meet for worship. We are already discussing how to increase this shelter to be more accommodating. God help us find the best and most affordable solution for this.

Support us in prayers, for God to realize what we cant with our limited powers. We thank God for leading us and letting us succeed. Amen.

Sorin Caragea - PIEI Missionary

Planting the seed


In February and March we continue the distribution of the Good Seed material from the word of the Lord and also vegetables seeds in Maruntei vilage. In 15-16 March, together with M4 team, we went at Panicel, there was a meeting for equipping missionaries. At this conference God opened our eyes and give us a new way to begin the meeting with believers and non-believers from Maruntei at Sunday programs, to worship God with praise and singing. 

      Continuously in Draganesti-Olt, in our study group, we are studying the word of God, in order to bring them to the church.

      With the team 9000 souls, we distribute literature, seeds and preach of the Word, bringing hope and consolation to those who do not know our Lord Jesus Christ well, in order to contribute also to their guidance for repetance and salvation.

God continue to bless our study group


In February I activated in the mission field in the villages of Maruntei and Draganesti-Olt. In Maruntei we had evangelistic actions on the street, visits and food for poor people.

In our group of evangelism we have a member named Petre, who very often pronounce the name of the bad angel. Now he is abstaining, controlling his words and praying that God will help him become a child of Him. In Draganesti-Olt, because I am a native, God urges me to be here as well missionery, and I lead a house group, and for evangelization in Draganesti, together with George Bulfan and Marcu Rodica, we formed a team for which I pray that God to increase it numerically and spiritually and lead us into the work in which we have been involved.

We go to the street from man to man, from door to door, home visits, social help where is the case, we share Christian literature and vegetable seeds, etc.

Prayer Request:

  • More people to come to our study & house group, to hear the God’s Word to be saved in the name of Jesus

Sorin Caragea - PIEI Missionary

New year - New Bible study group in Maruntei


In the new year we started evangelizing with the new group established in Maruntei.

One of the members group is Petrica , due to the word of God, asks to pray for him to Give up to the bad words.

He is attracted to the word of God and he comes regularly to meetings.

In Draganesti we continue our work with the evangelical group and resumed our work with 9,000 souls.

Hope for Oltenia


Dear brothers in Christ, during the months of September and October, we had Evangelistic activities and Social Events in the village called Maruntei and the City of Draganesti, Romania, 

We brought material blessings to the poor and the needy, especially in the village of Maruntei.

According to Matthew 22:39, we looked forward to express our love and compassion towards our neighbour in a practical manner by sharing clothing, food and eye glasses with the help of our partners in mission.

The small Evangelical group which I and Gheorghe Bulfan lead together, continues to proceed with the help of the weekly fundraising which is made every Sunday.

The disciple's group into which I take part in and which is furthered by Paul Ebel and Octabian Berechet, also improves through the teachings of Christ and it develops in an outnumber.

Prayer requests

For the Lord to strengthen my preaching skills and give me more courage. 

For the word of God to ripe into the hearts of more and more people so that a higher number of individuals would come and seek repentance, to confess publicly and to take membership into the Church family through the Water Baptism.

Assistance in the succeeding of the foundation of an Evangelical Church to be built, in the village of Maruntei.

Support us through prayer for our team as we also do for you, dear brothers in Christ, Amen.

Caragea Sorin

News about my ministry

Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ; 

          Because God asks all our children to learn how to bring His glory from Draganesti-Olt to the world, in January, it was a new beginning for me, with the opening of the E2E program based in Craiova and Draganesti -Olt. The E2E program lasted until July, when at this time we studyed 10 modules. Along with these courses, I also had evangelistic activities in Draganesti, Craiova, Maruntei and Balanesti.

Since the beginning of July I have been active in the missionary planting church in Maruntei village and the village of Balanesti, under Berechet Octavian, while in Draganesti-Olt we continue the evangelistic program in which we include the activities of the 9000 soulsl team the leadership of Bulfan George and myself as a co-leader.

Under the 9000 Souls program, we will continue to recruit and train new mission workers and evangelization to integrate into the Draganesti Hope Church as many souls as possible of the 9,000 whom we pray to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to prepare for to be saved.

In order for God to fulfill, please humiliate us to carry on in your prayers as we are in order to fulfill His glory. 


Prayer requests: 

  • For to form churches in Maruntei village

  • For the Evangelistic group in Draganesti and numerical growth and integration into the Hope Church through participation and baptism

  • The numerical and spiritual growth of the group in Balanesti and their integration into the church of Christ

  • And for me to have wisdom, spiritual guidance, and the proclamation of the Word of God with the power and clarity.