Sorin Caragea



Since we first had meetings with members of the hope church, I learned that members can do a mission for Christ. I was not returning to the Lord yet, but I felt that He was beside me and could share with other people about Him.

After baptism, the church through Raul's brother, also a pastor, called me into the team 9,000 souls to actively participate in transmitting the Word to Draganesti-Olt and spreading the Gospel throughout southern Olt county, southern and southeastern Dolj county and the Balkans .

Now, especially God has set me on my way to go on mission in the village of Balanesti.

I was convinced that it was the Lord's will to go there when God sent me visions that urged me to go, and encouraged me in the ministry while praying with several brothers and sisters from the church.

In order to be effective in evangelizing and planting a new church in Balanesti, God helps me to equip myself through the missionary program at the Draganest-Olt Hope Church. We are equipped to equip new workers to work in the vineyard of God.

God be glorified and blessed now and for ever and ever.