Update from my ministry

At the beginning of 2018 the month of January with the help of God I started the E2E  was a training program for my equipping as a missionary and I studied 10 modules for 6 months consisting of exposing preaching, evangelism, discipleship, missionary agency, fundraising, partnership, ministry leadership, missionary profile, church planting, missionary project.

With God's help in June I graduated the E2E program. During this period I was involved in the mission of the local church consisting of evangelism,home visits, social activities. I was involved in planting the church in Craiova, I worked with teams from USA.

Now God called me to work in the church planting missionary team in Maruntei under the leadership of brother Tavi Berechet, and at local level I want to serve the local church by reopening the program of evangelism and training of new workers locally "9,000 souls" led by me and Collider Sorin Caragea. 

Prayer requests:


  • We need people to work with us on field doing evangelism.

  • We need people to work with kids.

  • For me strength and boldness to proclaim the gospel.