God is at work in Maruntei


The months of September and October were filled with dozens of missionary activities and some of them are the following:

-Outdoor Evangelism activities, directly(man to man). 

We structured missionary volunteering teams consisting of foreign members from Canada and America, unto which we were involved with but also had the Local missionary teams of Maruntei working outdoors (street preaching).

We delivered tracts, brochures and flyers to the people meanwhile preaching of Christ.

By doing so, people now have been exposed to the Gospel in a revelant matter. People felt more open and enthusiastic towards the Gospel that's been shared by the foreign missionary volunteers other than the local missionaries.

The word of God says in Matthew 13:57 that  " A prophet is not without honor except in his own town and in his own home". This principle is transposed on the ground by the fact that for the most of time, the people had a more positive attitude towards the Gospel when is shared by the foreign missionaries. Therefore it has been a blessed and favourable time for the sharing of the Gospel.

The projects i took part into:

-Evangelism project consisting of the distribution of free eye glasses. Together with the Cannadian team, we exposed to the residents of Maruntei, eye glasses free of charge and by doing so, we showed the light of Christ, according to Acts 20:35 " It is more blessed to give than to receive".

-Free weekly hot soup: Food offering may often open doors for man into the word of God. There is a contrast between sharing the Gospel to the hungry and sharing the Gospel to the one you fed.

Through the Hot Soup Project, we not only feed the flesh but we also feed the soul of the people of Maruntei.

-The Bible study group that I and Sorin Caragea lead.

Prayer request

  • For a spiritual awakening of the people of Maruntei.

  • Missionary teams for Maruntei.

  • Financially.