Religion or Repentance


I want to start telling you that on a mission field I met many people who do not know what repentance means. Often people confuse repentance with the change of religion that is very sad.

I had the opportunity to explain to people the term repentance I understood that it is hard for them to understand, they were exposed to the word of God that transforms lives. But I understand that God wants me to learn what's patience with people.

I enjoyed very much working with P.V.T to visit families and giving food, I participated in evangelistic events in Craiova.
Continue to pray for people in Romania who need God. 

Gheorghe Bulfan - PIEI Missionary

The first programs in the new location

I would like to share with you how God works in Maruntei. Awhile ago we met with the church planting team and decided it was time to start the church service. We were very glad to open a church there and we had the opportunity to meet new people.

Once again we were able to see how people look for God and that place was where we started the church. During this time we were able to do evangelism together with a team in America along with a team from Germany and God truly blessed us.

Please pray for us so that God can give bless our financial resources to build a larger and more spacious room for church meetings. Thank you so much. We are truly blessed by you.

George Bulfan - PIEI Missionary

Plant the seed


In February I had several missionary activities in Draganesti and Maruntei: evangelization on the street from man to man visits, feeding food to needy families, having a group of evangelism, serving the community practically.

I had an evangelization project with vegetable seeds to put in the garden.

I want to tell you how God works through this seed project in the garden. I had the opportunity to visit a family from Marunta who was very hospitable and enthusiastic about having received seeds and a brochure from us. I have seen a great opportunity to get in touch with new people, actually these seeds put in the garden are a bridge of connection.

Family members are Gogu and Ana.

Continue to pray for the mission of leading the message of salvation to the people of Draganeasti and Marunta in a relevant way.

George Bulfan - PIEI Missionary

Practical Ministry in Maruntei


In the past few months we have had several activities, the practical ministry of the people in the group of evangelization activities, social evangelization visits we started an evangelistic group in the commune Maruntei and Draganesti

I saw how God works in people's lives but also in Daniel's life he wants to baptize is a serious boy and is looking for God from all his heart.

I want to pray for Daniel.

God is at work in Maruntei


The months of September and October were filled with dozens of missionary activities and some of them are the following:

-Outdoor Evangelism activities, directly(man to man). 

We structured missionary volunteering teams consisting of foreign members from Canada and America, unto which we were involved with but also had the Local missionary teams of Maruntei working outdoors (street preaching).

We delivered tracts, brochures and flyers to the people meanwhile preaching of Christ.

By doing so, people now have been exposed to the Gospel in a revelant matter. People felt more open and enthusiastic towards the Gospel that's been shared by the foreign missionary volunteers other than the local missionaries.

The word of God says in Matthew 13:57 that  " A prophet is not without honor except in his own town and in his own home". This principle is transposed on the ground by the fact that for the most of time, the people had a more positive attitude towards the Gospel when is shared by the foreign missionaries. Therefore it has been a blessed and favourable time for the sharing of the Gospel.

The projects i took part into:

-Evangelism project consisting of the distribution of free eye glasses. Together with the Cannadian team, we exposed to the residents of Maruntei, eye glasses free of charge and by doing so, we showed the light of Christ, according to Acts 20:35 " It is more blessed to give than to receive".

-Free weekly hot soup: Food offering may often open doors for man into the word of God. There is a contrast between sharing the Gospel to the hungry and sharing the Gospel to the one you fed.

Through the Hot Soup Project, we not only feed the flesh but we also feed the soul of the people of Maruntei.

-The Bible study group that I and Sorin Caragea lead.

Prayer request

  • For a spiritual awakening of the people of Maruntei.

  • Missionary teams for Maruntei.

  • Financially.

Update from my ministry

At the beginning of 2018 the month of January with the help of God I started the E2E  was a training program for my equipping as a missionary and I studied 10 modules for 6 months consisting of exposing preaching, evangelism, discipleship, missionary agency, fundraising, partnership, ministry leadership, missionary profile, church planting, missionary project.

With God's help in June I graduated the E2E program. During this period I was involved in the mission of the local church consisting of evangelism,home visits, social activities. I was involved in planting the church in Craiova, I worked with teams from USA.

Now God called me to work in the church planting missionary team in Maruntei under the leadership of brother Tavi Berechet, and at local level I want to serve the local church by reopening the program of evangelism and training of new workers locally "9,000 souls" led by me and Collider Sorin Caragea. 

Prayer requests:


  • We need people to work with us on field doing evangelism.

  • We need people to work with kids.

  • For me strength and boldness to proclaim the gospel.