Mission work experiences


Mission work experiences

I am excited to see how the Lord shows his goodness in the lives of those who are suffering and how, in his kindness, He leads them to repentance.


I am excited to see how the Lord shows his goodness in the lives of those who are suffering and how, in his kindness, He leads them to repentance. 

The Lord has guided my steps and I found people who wish to hear the Gospel at a hospital in Craiova, but unfortunately, I saw how great the darkness was in some of their lives. And they live their lives without hope in Jesus.

We were glad when we saw that they were willing and open to listen to the Word of the Lord. We encouraged them through the Word and we told them about God’s salvation. Then they let us pray for them and some of the mothers asked us to pray for their children who were very ill. May the Lord work in the lives of these people at the right time and according to his will. 


We started studying Exodus in the Bible study group. We want to seek and understand what God can do for those who are in his plan.  

The people are excited because they are discovering God’s character and who He is through the Bible. At one of these meetings, a sister was invited – her name is Maria Grosu. She shared her testimony with us, how she met the Lord Jesus and how He became her Saviour. While she was talking, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to Mr. Petru, who then expressed his wonderful desire to also have Jesus as his personal Saviour and to make a covenant with him by being baptized. We read in the Bible that there is great joy in heaven before the angels of God when one sinner repents and walks away from his evil path.



I prayed for the Lord to show me different ways of serving him. I have recently organized socializing meetings for the youth in Craiova, so that more people know who we are,  and we become friends . At the meeting, there were teenagers and a retired lady.

We were very glad that they came and listened to a Christian testimony and to Christian music. At this meeting, I saw how true is it that the Lord wants no one to perish, but that everyone comes to repentance and is saved. God offers everyone the chance to be saved by hearing his Word.

Prayer requests:

  • May the Lord work in the hearts of those at the hospital who heard the Gospel, and may they repent

  • May God strengthen Mr. Petru and may He give him steadiness in the decision he made of following Jesus

  • May the Lord guide me in this work in the streets and may He show me people who are willing to listen to the Gospel

  • May the Lord call more people to this work, and may He help me equip them for missions.

Lucian Brinceanu - PIEI Missionary