God is Stronger than my own thoughts



Thank you for your prayers and support in the work that God place me here in Romania. It is almost one year since I started to do evangelism on the street where I experienced many beautiful moments and moments that I would like to forget. Recently I had an experience in the mission field that gave me a great joy.

On Friday I'v got to go to a meeting with the my small group that I have in Craiova and while I was on the way from my apartment living a bit earlier, praying while on the way, the Holy Spirit whisper in my ear that while on the way to tell people about Jesus. I was thinking, good if I have brochures in the bag I will do it.

When I reached in my bag I realized that my hand was full of brochures. I started to distribute the brochures and when I looked at their faces expression it was like "what happened with this young man, what is he doing this for"

I distribute hundreds of them and was discouraged many times, but the Spirit of the Lord made me understand the mission and He gave me strength and guide. I understood that in a time like this God place me here and now to sow his truth as Scripture says:

"I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase." 1 Cor. 3:6



Also, I thank God that gave me grace to make disciples a few people who are coming regularly on Fridays where they are learning the truth, how to study the bible, how to apply it on a personal level and how to pray to our Lord Jesus. I was very happy that God gave me the grace to see how Mrs. Lili progressed in the spiritual realm.

In the beginning she would not even wanted to socialize with the others, very shy but slowly in time she got used with people and even started to pray on her own. A month ago, I helped her to pray. I asked her to repeat after me. God surprised me how he worked in her life, and I am praying that one day she will make a step of faith in asking Jesus for forgiveness and for salvation of her soul!

Social work


In the work that I do it is necessary for me to do social work. God put in my heart to help Alin's family who died a few mounts ago. All summer I had the privilege to take food for them, and things that they need. The living condition where the kids are very poor and it is hard to see that humans lives there. But the beautiful thing in one of the teen (Alina) is in the 9th grade school in Craiova. I encouraged her by buying her books for the annual school

It is wonderful to see how God is giving me strength to do all this work and not only but even to provide for all my need daily. I thank the Lord for all my brothers and sisters that supports me among the ones that they are in darkness, and do not know the truth. All the honor belongs to THE LORD.

Prayer request

  • Pray that God will send a person that I can work, share, the load in the ministry through evangelism, discipleship, and social work.

  • Pray for boldness and courage to preach the gospel on the street

  • Pray that the truth of Christ to bring salvation in the lives of those who do not know him as their savior.

  • Pray that God will provide all my necessary resources that I need to function every day. My support is at 70% and needs to get to where I can be free of thinking about it. Need a few people to stand in the gap with me at $25.00/mo. Would you be the one?

  • For a wife, a helper in my life.

    Thank you for your partnership

    In Christ