Experience the Power of God

Dear ones,


I greet you in the name of Christ. 
September was a grace-filled month for me. Despite the trials and opposition of the enemy, I had grace to experience the power of God in the mission field. God gave me the desire to go out on the streets to share the Gospel with people. The Holy Spirit reminded me of Psalm 126:6: “Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them.” I understood that some people's opposition to the gospel is not new and I do not have to give up, but I have to cry, fast and pray for them by name. The Spirit of the Lord inspired me with Nehemiah 1:4. I am now looking for people who are open to the gospel, and I seek to know them, to cry with them and to pray for them. This is my desire: 
■ I want to know people.
■ I want to make friends.
■ I am trying to tell the truth of Christ at the right time. 
At the end of September, I was on a trip to Italy. During this visit, I did several things. A friend of mine named Dani Galai got married and I was there to be part of his wedding. Then I enjoyed a few days of vacation. I visited Venice for a few hours and the next day I went to the sea. During this time, I had the opportunity to serve in the cities of Cheli and Torino. I was very glad that the people were built up by the word God that I spoke to them. People contacted me in private to talk me about some personal issues. I saw how God used me to encourage them. This brought me the greatest joy of my trip to Italy.

I wanted to thank everyone that made the decision to help me in the ministry. This means a lot to me, gives me a great encouragement.

Prayer request;

  • Pray that I will find a person that works with me on the field doing evangelism in Craiova

  • Pray for God to provide a suitable helper

  • Pray that soon I will have the full support for my ministry. As right now I have 70% coming in. Need a few more people that will help with $25/Mo.

  • Pray that I will have support for the ministry too.