Dear friends,
I am happy that the Lord Jesus gave me the opportunity to experience certain moments in the mission work, and I would like to share some with you.


I share the Gospel every week in places that I plan (in July I went to a village called Pielesti) or in places where the Spirit of the Lord guides me. One day someone asked me how efficient the method of giving people New Testaments was. The question made me uncomfortable. I was sad in my heart, because I knew how much effort went into having the people receive the Word of the Lord, but very few were interested. Exactly on that day, God worked at the motivation I have about being perseverant in the street mission work. I gave a New Testament to a man one day, and he immediately started reading it. The Lord encourages me with His promise which says, ‘They weep as they go to plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the harvest.’ (Psalm 126:6).  


God continues to work in our weekly Bible study group. We met outside one time, at Mr. Ion’s workshop. When we finished the Bible study, a woman came to tell us that we have strayed from the right faith. I didn’t know how to answer her attacks at first. But the Spirit of the Lord gave me wisdom to explain to her that it is not the faith of our parents that gives us salvation, but the faith we have in Lord Jesus. At the end, I encouraged her to study the Bible and see what faith in Jesus means and what benefits she has in Christ. She said she was open to studying the Bible.


Helping people

We went to a Roma family one day, to give them food and to share the Gospel. While sister Gabi Stef and Tery were encouraging the grandmother, something surprising happened: the grandchildren came to me. They all gathered around me and started showing me that they loved me. Initially, it was shocking to me, because I didn’t know how to react towards them. Then I understood that they see me as their big brother whom they love and need. They all wanted to sit on my lap, to talk to me and to enjoy my attention. Those were beautiful moments, when I felt how the Lord strengthened our friendship. 

Prayer requests:

  • May the truth of Lord Jesus transform the hearts of those who heard the Gospel.

  • May the Lord continue to give me strength to serve Him faithfully.

  • For a disciple to join me in sharing the Gospel in the streets.


Lord Jesus led us towards the fulfilment of God’s vision.jpg


My life in faith had led me sometimes outside of my comfort zone and it challenged me to do some things through faith. As a result of these actions of faith, I ended up experiencing some Christian values and principles in our missionary team. Our purpose is to take a New Testament to each house in Craiova. When we arrived in a certain neighbourhood of Craiova, I was surprised to meet a taxi driver who asked us what we had in the boxes. After I told him, he asked for a New Testament for himself. After that experience with the team, I remembered God’s purpose for this world. The Bible describes this purpose quite clearly, in the book of Habakkuk 2:14: “For as the waters fill the sea, the earth will be filled with an awareness of the glory of the Lord.” That is when I felt how God shaped our thoughts and made us be like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind to fulfil God’s purpose for this world (Philippians 2:2). God did not stop at that, but He was going to surprise us in our mission work.



A year ago, I witnessed the tragedy of one family in Craiova. Alin, a young man I was visiting occasionally, died and left 5 children behind. I continued to visit the family and I started to befriend Alin’s mother. When we talked on time, she said she wouldn’t change her religion. Almost one year later, I asked her if she would allow me to read from the Bible and if she was open to accept the truth about Lord Jesus as it is written. I was thrilled to be able to read God’s Word to her and her grandchildren.



After that experience, I continued to let myself be guided by Lord Jesus. He took me to a family with 10 children, 16km away from Craiova. There were a few things I really appreciated about that family. One of them was that Ana, the mother, allowed us to talk about Lord Jesus and to pray for them as we were taught by Christ’s truth. The girls who were with us on that visit, socialized with the children, giving them attention and love. When we left, one of the little girls (Tania), ran to one of the girls on our team and threw herself in her arms. It was wonderful to see that those words abut the Lord were given life by love, and as a result, the children were open to us.


Prayer Requests:

  • For us, to bring fruits for His kingdom;

  • Jesus to equip His Church in Craiova;

  • Jesus to bring more people to get involved in the mission field.

Lucian Brinceanu - PIEI Missionary

God gives me power to fulfill the missionary work


Dear friends, first of all, I would like to thank you very much for your encouragements and prayers. They helped me greatly during every moment of my life. Why do I say this? I have never imagined that I could experience very difficult moments in this missionary work. I had a day when I was physically exhausted and I was thinking of taking a break from missions, but in my heart, the voice of the Holy Spirit was telling me to continue to work during the Easter period. That is when I remembered that I used to encourage people with Philippians 2:13 “For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.” I had planned to do mission work one morning. But when I went out in the streets, I wasn’t able to stand up, not even after I ate chocolate. I wanted to give up then, but the Spirit of the Lord didn’t allow me to. I went back home to sleep for a few hours. When I woke up, I went out again to share the Word of God and He helped me do it. It was encouraging for me to see that God gave me the will to do his work of sharing the Word.

There is another experience I had in the evangelism work, which helped me see God’s power and the fact that He makes people desire to hear His Word. One day, the Lord told me to go to Cernele, a gipsy neighbourhood of Craiova. That is where I saw that the children’s sincerity to hear the Gospel was quite visible. The Spirit of the Lord spoke to me and I understood that I should invest more in children and in young people. Their hearts are open and sincere to find out more about the biblical Easter means, which has Lord Jesus Christ in the centre.


One day, I invited those who were open to hear the Gospel in more detail, to a public meeting at a familiar place for them, for the evening meal. It was quite a beautiful experience for each of us. People had the courage to openly speak about their burdens (For example, Mrs. Lili broke her leg and had to wear a cast. She had already removed it and she was in pain). After that, we were able to pray for one another and to search the Bible for answers for each of our problems.

Social work

As I was seeking to understand how the Spirit of the Lord is leading me in this work, I had the opportunity to attend a meeting of the church in Drăgănești-Olt for a picnic. I went from Craiova to Drăgănești-Olt with a group of people, for them to see what it means to live in a community of born-again believers. Mr. Pavel said he was thrilled to be able to share his thoughts concerning faith, and that he could be encouraged by other Christians. Something else that was interesting for the group happened while we were traveling by car. We read the Bible and we talked about Paul’s conversion. I felt how their trust in God became stronger in those moments. They understood that God is the one who gives man the will to give up the old life, in order to become a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Prayer requests

  • For strength (health) in sharing the Gospel in the streets

  • For families willing to receive me to share the Gospel with them 

  • For guidance concerning people integrating in the Church in Craiova 

  • For human and financial resources  

  • For a Christian to join me in the evangelism work.

Lucian Brinceanu - PIEI Missionary

Mission work experiences


Mission work experiences

I am excited to see how the Lord shows his goodness in the lives of those who are suffering and how, in his kindness, He leads them to repentance.


I am excited to see how the Lord shows his goodness in the lives of those who are suffering and how, in his kindness, He leads them to repentance. 

The Lord has guided my steps and I found people who wish to hear the Gospel at a hospital in Craiova, but unfortunately, I saw how great the darkness was in some of their lives. And they live their lives without hope in Jesus.

We were glad when we saw that they were willing and open to listen to the Word of the Lord. We encouraged them through the Word and we told them about God’s salvation. Then they let us pray for them and some of the mothers asked us to pray for their children who were very ill. May the Lord work in the lives of these people at the right time and according to his will. 


We started studying Exodus in the Bible study group. We want to seek and understand what God can do for those who are in his plan.  

The people are excited because they are discovering God’s character and who He is through the Bible. At one of these meetings, a sister was invited – her name is Maria Grosu. She shared her testimony with us, how she met the Lord Jesus and how He became her Saviour. While she was talking, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to Mr. Petru, who then expressed his wonderful desire to also have Jesus as his personal Saviour and to make a covenant with him by being baptized. We read in the Bible that there is great joy in heaven before the angels of God when one sinner repents and walks away from his evil path.



I prayed for the Lord to show me different ways of serving him. I have recently organized socializing meetings for the youth in Craiova, so that more people know who we are,  and we become friends . At the meeting, there were teenagers and a retired lady.

We were very glad that they came and listened to a Christian testimony and to Christian music. At this meeting, I saw how true is it that the Lord wants no one to perish, but that everyone comes to repentance and is saved. God offers everyone the chance to be saved by hearing his Word.

Prayer requests:

  • May the Lord work in the hearts of those at the hospital who heard the Gospel, and may they repent

  • May God strengthen Mr. Petru and may He give him steadiness in the decision he made of following Jesus

  • May the Lord guide me in this work in the streets and may He show me people who are willing to listen to the Gospel

  • May the Lord call more people to this work, and may He help me equip them for missions.

Lucian Brinceanu - PIEI Missionary

Faith - key to fulfilling the vision

Hello everyone, 

I gladly greet all of you who are part of my personal life or part of my evangelical mission. In December I received a lot of prayers and encouragements from you, which I highly appreciate and I want to thank you for all your support. I was blessed beyond measure. Just a few words about the missionary work in Craiova. 

Evangelical preaching


I am blessed to see how God takes care of all the details so I can fulfill the vision He gave me regarding the spreading of the Gospel. One day, I was walking down the streets in Craiova praying for the city. I heard God's voice telling me to start sharing New Testaments to the people on the streets. 200 New Testaments.

I thought about it a lot, many times I wanted to give up because I was afraid that alone and without any support I will not manage to do this work.

By faith, I started to share 10 New Testaments on the first day. At the end of the day, I received a call from a friend asking me if I needed any help because there was a team of young people from Ukraine planning to stay in Craiova for 1 month to help with the ministries within the city. I accepted gladly and they were such a blessing.

It was an honor for me to work with them. In the end, we shared not 200, but over 500 New Testaments as Christmas gifts. We were encouraged that some people were so open. For example, one man accepted one New Testament and continued his walk.

After 2 minutes he came back asking more about our mission, so on that occasion we also shared the Gospel. He gave us his phone number so we could keep in contact.  

Bible study group


There is a bunch of people interested in studying the Bible. One of them is Mr. Pătru. He comes to the Bible study meetings with his wife every Friday. 

During the winter, I go and pick them up with my car. One week, I forgot to call him to set a pick up time, but I was surprised to see he was eager to join the meeting. It was him who called me half an hour before the beginning of the meeting asking me to come and pick him up.

I was encouraged by his interest and I remembered God's promise from Jeremiah 13:29 "You shall find me if you seek me with all your heart".  

Social work


I started working with homeless people living on the streets or around the train station. I didn't know it would have such a big impact on my life, and that I would be so motivated about it. In December we tried to offer free sandwiches, tea and clothes to these poor people. It was a positive experience, even though I was shocked about how quickly some of them ate what we offered. I was impressed by one old lady to whom I gave some clothes. I asked her if she needed more. Her answer moved me "only if you could". Her humility and desire to be thankful for what she had already received, that lack of greediness, were a life lesson for me.  

Pray with me for:

*Thank God that He gave me the right helpers for implementing the project regarding New Testaments.

* I plan to continue it, so until the end of February I hope we'll share 2000 New Testaments with people from Craiova and suburbs. Pray for the success of this initiative.

* Let's pray for the salvation of people coming to the Bible study group and also for those people who recently received a New Testament.

* Pray that God will bless me with financial support (I need to renew my health insurance, money for gas, taking care of the car, costs for Christian literature) and with more monthly support and a few more partners in ministry with a heart for reaching the lost to help me continue this evangelistic work in the city of Craiova, Romania. Together we are more than victorious in the Name of Jesus who loved us and chose us to spread the good news. We are also “laborers together with God... (1 Cor. 3:9).

Lucian Brinceanu - PIEI Missionary

God is Stronger than my own thoughts



Thank you for your prayers and support in the work that God place me here in Romania. It is almost one year since I started to do evangelism on the street where I experienced many beautiful moments and moments that I would like to forget. Recently I had an experience in the mission field that gave me a great joy.

On Friday I'v got to go to a meeting with the my small group that I have in Craiova and while I was on the way from my apartment living a bit earlier, praying while on the way, the Holy Spirit whisper in my ear that while on the way to tell people about Jesus. I was thinking, good if I have brochures in the bag I will do it.

When I reached in my bag I realized that my hand was full of brochures. I started to distribute the brochures and when I looked at their faces expression it was like "what happened with this young man, what is he doing this for"

I distribute hundreds of them and was discouraged many times, but the Spirit of the Lord made me understand the mission and He gave me strength and guide. I understood that in a time like this God place me here and now to sow his truth as Scripture says:

"I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase." 1 Cor. 3:6



Also, I thank God that gave me grace to make disciples a few people who are coming regularly on Fridays where they are learning the truth, how to study the bible, how to apply it on a personal level and how to pray to our Lord Jesus. I was very happy that God gave me the grace to see how Mrs. Lili progressed in the spiritual realm.

In the beginning she would not even wanted to socialize with the others, very shy but slowly in time she got used with people and even started to pray on her own. A month ago, I helped her to pray. I asked her to repeat after me. God surprised me how he worked in her life, and I am praying that one day she will make a step of faith in asking Jesus for forgiveness and for salvation of her soul!

Social work


In the work that I do it is necessary for me to do social work. God put in my heart to help Alin's family who died a few mounts ago. All summer I had the privilege to take food for them, and things that they need. The living condition where the kids are very poor and it is hard to see that humans lives there. But the beautiful thing in one of the teen (Alina) is in the 9th grade school in Craiova. I encouraged her by buying her books for the annual school

It is wonderful to see how God is giving me strength to do all this work and not only but even to provide for all my need daily. I thank the Lord for all my brothers and sisters that supports me among the ones that they are in darkness, and do not know the truth. All the honor belongs to THE LORD.

Prayer request

  • Pray that God will send a person that I can work, share, the load in the ministry through evangelism, discipleship, and social work.

  • Pray for boldness and courage to preach the gospel on the street

  • Pray that the truth of Christ to bring salvation in the lives of those who do not know him as their savior.

  • Pray that God will provide all my necessary resources that I need to function every day. My support is at 70% and needs to get to where I can be free of thinking about it. Need a few people to stand in the gap with me at $25.00/mo. Would you be the one?

  • For a wife, a helper in my life.

    Thank you for your partnership

    In Christ


From the Discipling Group

Praise God because He prepares the hearts of people for the truth of Christ to be planted in them. Tonight we enjoyed the visit of Brother Cornel Stef and Walter Windsor. Windsor shared with us some of his experiences with God and the certainty He has that He will be with God one day.

The people who came to the group this evening were very open to answering the questions I asked them. For example: How can we discover Jesus? What prevents us from having a relationship with Jesus? How can we have a relationship with Jesus?

The conclusion was as follows: We must pray and through prayer we can confess our sins. We must believe in what the Lord has given us and in the end to persevere on the narrow path.

With love Lucian Brinceanu

Experience the Power of God

Dear ones,


I greet you in the name of Christ. 
September was a grace-filled month for me. Despite the trials and opposition of the enemy, I had grace to experience the power of God in the mission field. God gave me the desire to go out on the streets to share the Gospel with people. The Holy Spirit reminded me of Psalm 126:6: “Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them.” I understood that some people's opposition to the gospel is not new and I do not have to give up, but I have to cry, fast and pray for them by name. The Spirit of the Lord inspired me with Nehemiah 1:4. I am now looking for people who are open to the gospel, and I seek to know them, to cry with them and to pray for them. This is my desire: 
■ I want to know people.
■ I want to make friends.
■ I am trying to tell the truth of Christ at the right time. 
At the end of September, I was on a trip to Italy. During this visit, I did several things. A friend of mine named Dani Galai got married and I was there to be part of his wedding. Then I enjoyed a few days of vacation. I visited Venice for a few hours and the next day I went to the sea. During this time, I had the opportunity to serve in the cities of Cheli and Torino. I was very glad that the people were built up by the word God that I spoke to them. People contacted me in private to talk me about some personal issues. I saw how God used me to encourage them. This brought me the greatest joy of my trip to Italy.

I wanted to thank everyone that made the decision to help me in the ministry. This means a lot to me, gives me a great encouragement.

Prayer request;

  • Pray that I will find a person that works with me on the field doing evangelism in Craiova

  • Pray for God to provide a suitable helper

  • Pray that soon I will have the full support for my ministry. As right now I have 70% coming in. Need a few more people that will help with $25/Mo.

  • Pray that I will have support for the ministry too.

God created opportunities for ministry


Through the events we have done and I have helped with, we have been able to see how God prepared the hearts of those people to hear the Gospel in a way that is relevant to each of them. When we organized an event for youth, I didn’t think that many would come because it is summer and I thought they would be away. About 15-20 youth came to the event. During socializing and games, they asked different questions about what we do.

Last month I met with some young people in Craiova. One of them is Sebi, who was interested in finding out why God permitted slavery in the Old Testament. He has not yet declared himself an atheist, yet has left a space in his life to find out more about God. Another boy I met and presented the Gospel to was named Adi. When he lived in Cyprus, he used drugs, yet now he wants to learn more about God. He doesn’t find pleasure in the things of the world anymore that he once enjoyed.


I am thankful that God has allowed me to live the beautiful words of Psalm 126:5-6 which says “Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy. Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them.”                             

May God be blessed!

Lucian Brinceanu

God has pleasantly surprised me!

Screenshot 2018-07-05 at 19.43.24.png

In this letter I will share with you about the wonderful way in which God has helped me in the last two months of my life.

I did not think I would be able to finish the master thesis on time, but God put wonderful people near me who encouraged me and helped me translate from english into romanian.

When things were over my power, God put a person to encourage me, gave me inspiration and power to write.

Another aspect I want to share with you is from the mission work. Being at the beginning as a missionary, God wanted me to realize that I must be dependent on His power in the mission work.

It was so wonderful that once I understood this truth in my heart, peace took place even in the difficult moments of my life. Also, reading from the book of Dave Kraft ,, mistakes that leaders make "Jesus made me understand some very key issues for my ministry: I must invest in people's lives continuously for He will save people at the time He considers appropriate. And another thing I learned was understanding that I must stir up the gift that is in me for the glory of God

(2 Timothy 1: 6).

Prayer points:

• Let us praise God for helping me finish my master's thesis;
• For God to bring young people to the meetings that I want to have for them;
• For a target area in Craiova to do ministry;
• So I can learn the essential things in what it means to be a church planter;
• For God take care of the finances I need in the ministry.

Lucian Brinceanu

God purifies man’s heart!

Even if I finished  Baptist Theological  Institute (Baptist Bible College) in Bucharest, my eyes weren’t yet opened to see the great need of loving those I had nothing to expect something back from ( the poor and those with disabilities).  God began to show me this need, through a visit, that some category of people long- the need to be loved.
 During the mission on streets, after we’ve told them the Good News, we prayed for a paralyzed girl who had mental disabilities and told Him this girl can’t be born again, but God told me that I only have to show her love! Since then, the desire to love those categories of people grows in my life more and more.  Here it is another family. 
Alin’s family (photo) lives very poorly, on the verge of starvation. He told me he doesn’t want to change his religion, but we told them the Gospel this month and talked with the kids. 


It’s so wonderful to watch the discipleship group God gave me this period. Great news is these people started to want to discover the truth from the Bible. Every one of them asked for a Bible to read it at home. I noticed their answers during group sessions came by their personal findings.
They started get up the courage and believe in Christ’s Truth. Mr. Peter (Pătru) surprised me very pleasantly.  He feels loved by the Christian community from Hope Church (Speranta) in Craiova. As a result, he started giving gifts. One day we met him down town and he gave the girls in our mission sweets for them to eat. An act full of love!


This month I had the opportunity to meet my mentor, Cornel Stef. He gave me precious advice about what it means to be a missionary for Lord Jesus Christ. We served together in the villages around Draganesti-Olt and in Craiova. I can guarantee after spending time with him that he is dedicated in serving the Lord and the missionaries. I thank to the good God that He helps me understand the truth in a practical way!

Prayer requests for the next period:

  • For the discipleship group to grow in their relationship with God

  • I’d like to organize this month a day camp with the Roma kids in Craiova

  • I’d like to organize more youth meetings in Craiova

  • I’d like to give 100 New Testaments

  • I’d like to work more in spreading the Gospel

Lucian Brinceanu