God has pleasantly surprised me!

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In this letter I will share with you about the wonderful way in which God has helped me in the last two months of my life.

I did not think I would be able to finish the master thesis on time, but God put wonderful people near me who encouraged me and helped me translate from english into romanian.

When things were over my power, God put a person to encourage me, gave me inspiration and power to write.

Another aspect I want to share with you is from the mission work. Being at the beginning as a missionary, God wanted me to realize that I must be dependent on His power in the mission work.

It was so wonderful that once I understood this truth in my heart, peace took place even in the difficult moments of my life. Also, reading from the book of Dave Kraft ,, mistakes that leaders make "Jesus made me understand some very key issues for my ministry: I must invest in people's lives continuously for He will save people at the time He considers appropriate. And another thing I learned was understanding that I must stir up the gift that is in me for the glory of God

(2 Timothy 1: 6).

Prayer points:

• Let us praise God for helping me finish my master's thesis;
• For God to bring young people to the meetings that I want to have for them;
• For a target area in Craiova to do ministry;
• So I can learn the essential things in what it means to be a church planter;
• For God take care of the finances I need in the ministry.

God purifies man’s heart!

Even if I finished  Baptist Theological  Institute (Baptist Bible College) in Bucharest, my eyes weren’t yet opened to see the great need of loving those I had nothing to expect something back from ( the poor and those with disabilities).  God began to show me this need, through a visit, that some category of people long- the need to be loved.
 During the mission on streets, after we’ve told them the Good News, we prayed for a paralyzed girl who had mental disabilities and told Him this girl can’t be born again, but God told me that I only have to show her love! Since then, the desire to love those categories of people grows in my life more and more.  Here it is another family. 
Alin’s family (photo) lives very poorly, on the verge of starvation. He told me he doesn’t want to change his religion, but we told them the Gospel this month and talked with the kids. 


It’s so wonderful to watch the discipleship group God gave me this period. Great news is these people started to want to discover the truth from the Bible. Every one of them asked for a Bible to read it at home. I noticed their answers during group sessions came by their personal findings.
They started get up the courage and believe in Christ’s Truth. Mr. Peter (Pătru) surprised me very pleasantly.  He feels loved by the Christian community from Hope Church (Speranta) in Craiova. As a result, he started giving gifts. One day we met him down town and he gave the girls in our mission sweets for them to eat. An act full of love!


This month I had the opportunity to meet my mentor, Cornel Stef. He gave me precious advice about what it means to be a missionary for Lord Jesus Christ. We served together in the villages around Draganesti-Olt and in Craiova. I can guarantee after spending time with him that he is dedicated in serving the Lord and the missionaries. I thank to the good God that He helps me understand the truth in a practical way!

Prayer requests for the next period:

  • For the discipleship group to grow in their relationship with God
  • I’d  like to organize this month a day camp with the Roma kids in Craiova
  • I’d like to organize more youth meetings in Craiova
  • I’d like to give 100 New Testaments
  • I’d like to work more  in spreading the Gospel