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I am Costea Alexe and I was born in Alba Iulia on 25th of October, 1981. I grew up and I spent my teenage years in Alba Iulia.

I met Jesus and I asked Him to be my Savior and
Lord when I was 20. I understood that God wanted me to worship Him.

Together with my study group I started my
involvement in different activities in the church.

After visiting my brother Raul Costea, who was a missionary in Oltenia, I understood that God wanted me there. I moved to Oltenia to help my brother in his missionary work on the 30th of October. I married Veronica in 2004. God has blessed us with four children.

My wife and I were lead to Comani (a district of Draganesti) through God's will in order to build a Church there. God gave us a new vision for Comani.

Role: Misionary in Comani, church founder and coordonator of the missionary team.

Family: Costea Alexe, Petra Veronica, Miriam Ioana Iudita, Priscila, Josua, Petru Emanuel.


About ministry

Description of the district: Comani is a district of Draganesti Olt village and has about 4000 inhabitants. Comani is also known for its war heroes.

God’s plan for Comani is that one learns His way to change one's life. God’s plan is to bring the community to worshiping Him through Lord’s Supper, thanksgiving, prayer and baptism. As a community we want to proclaim God’s hope in Jesus to the rest of  the world.

Mission: Our mission here in Comani is to fulfill the spiritual and material needs of everyone.

Strategy: Our strategy is for the mission’s objectives to be accomplished by partners and missionaries who have social and evangelistic projects.

About ministry: Coordinator of Comani missionary team, Evangelist, Apprentice, study group leader, leader of the church, social worker, supervisor of church activities with children, women, prayer group.

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