Restoring the relationship with my father

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I know that God works in a wonderful way, according to His plan, even though I often do not understand it, or I do not see a solution that I would like, or I wish I did not have to go through difficult situations, be hurt, sad, or angry.

I grew up in an Orthodox family, going to church only for holidays. However, it was not a normal family, because there were always many arguments, scandals, bloody beatings, and visits from the police. In my heart it seemed as if I was living in a horror film. I wanted to wake up from this nightmare I was living. I was ashamed of my parents. I never felt peace and calm in my family or in my soul. I was always going into the city of Pitesti, where I grew up, to walk around because it was so hard to stay home. The city was large and beautiful, and I liked being away from home.

At the age of 10, my mother left home to be with her grandmother in Olt, about a 3 hour drive from Pitesti. She remarried and I had to stay with my father. Eventually my father also remarried. Because his wife did not accept me, I had to leave my home to go to my mother. These hard, negative experiences left me feeling unloved and incomplete.

But after I had moved to Olt, through God’s plan, I eventually arrived in a family of Christian believers where I felt I was loved, but especially I understood what true love means, the love of God. I married and became a father, where I understood even more the heart of God.

God worked in miracaculous ways in my life, but He had even more to show me.

My father and I did not talk for 10 years after I left home. Those 10 years were very hard for me. I never wanted to hear from him again. For me, it was as if he no longer existed.

But over time, God softened my heart and gave me a great desire to search for my father. God told me to go to him and take the first steps in seeking and restoring the relationship. At first it was very difficult. I could not understand why God asked me to do this; did he not see how much I had suffered and how I had not had a normal childhood? But eventually I said I would do what He said.

I went to Pitesti, my favorite city, and went to my uncle and asked for my father’s phone number. I found out that my father had separated with his wife, the one who had made my life hard and driven me out of the house all those years ago. I also learned that my father had health problems.

I called my father, and he recognized my voice. I told him I wanted to see him and for us to talk.

That first meeting with him was very emotional, bringing me to tears. It was hard to see him, as he had aged and even now had gray hair. But we were able to talk for hours and I even spent the night at his place. I told him that although I lost my childhood, I do not want to lose any more beautiful moments by never seeing him again. God did a miracle in me and began to change my heart.

Yes, it really is very difficult for a man to forgive, but knowing that God asks for this, he asks you to let go of your pride and ego, even if it hurts you in order to choose to do what is good, you can trust that everything will be fine.

Ever since reconnecting with my father, we always talk on the phone, we visit each other, and we have great time.

Now I pray for his salvation. I told him what kind of man I was in the past and how God changed my life, gave me a hope and a future, especially the knowledge that there is life beyond this one. Please pray that my father will also understand the message of the Scriptures and will come to terms with God.

I can say that God has done many miracles in my life. I have many personal testimonies of how He has intervened in my life. I believe that if we let Him work, He does in a beautiful way, even if sometimes it's hard for us. God knows best what He does if we make ourselves available to Him!

Alecs Tudoroiu - PIEI Missionary

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