Christmas is Coming!


How wonderful it is that this holiday is nearing, but even more wonderful is when we go caroling, to sing songs about the One who was born to bring salvation. 

We started these caroling events in Draganesti, where many members of the local community were invited, including many teachers and the mayor. It was a wonderful time with a good program. People were happy and enjoyed listening to the messages of the songs. During the caroling I was praying that God would speak to the people, and make them think about the true value of Christmas.  

After we finished caroling, one of the school teachers stood up and with tears in her eyes, told us “You have given me a great joy by caroling. It seems like God sent you here. You sang very beautifully and truly this is the significance of Christmas, the birth of Christ and we must rejoice in Him. Thank you from my heart, you brought me joy and light.” When I heard these words, I thought “wow – look at how God works and even listens to prayers! I thank God that He moved in somebody’s spirit.

The day before the event, when I invited people, I gave an invitation to my wife's former class director, but because he was ill he could not come. During the carols I heard the sad news that he had gone to eternity. It was a very sad moment; he was a special teacher! It made me think, God, what is life? Today we are, tomorrow we are not!

Today we continued the caroling events at a mission point of the Hope Church, in Stoenesti. Many people attended and the church was full. While we were singing, although I was quite tired, I was looking at the faces of people who were sad and hopeless. But we sent the message of Hope, the Birth of Jesus!

We convey the fact that Jesus is not a story.  Although many people are caught up, occupied, uncaring or have replaced Jesus with Santa, my desire is to send the message that we need to put God at the center of all our holiday events. He is the most important thing about Christmas!

Your prayers are very important, so continue praying that God will work and soften people's hearts for these holidays!

Alecs Tudoroiu - PIEI Missionary