Christmas is about Giving


It is the time of year where we celebrate Christmas, one of the most beautiful holidays, especially when there is snow. 

Once again this year, I was involved in distributing Christmas gifts to children, together with my fellow missionary Marian. It is a big effort to collect, load and distribute the gifts but it is also always a great joy. Through Marian and his partners, God blessed a few dozen children with gifts.

We went to the pre-schools in several different villages in the area to offer the gifts. Although it was cold both outside and in some of the classrooms, I have to admit the smiles of the children made me forget about the cold. 

It was disappointing to see that in these pre-schools some teachers are combining the birth of Jesus with Santa Claus. It is sad to see that people are missing the true reason for this holiday. But I had the opportunity to sing Christmas carols together with two German families and we shared about the true meaning of Christmas!

Please pray that God will continue to work this Christmas season. Pray that people will realize that we are not celebrating Santa, but we are celebrating Jesus Christ, who was born, lived a perfect life and gave His life for us so that we could have salvation and eternal life with God!

Alecs Tudoroiu - PIEI Missionary