Dining with disciples


Last saturday , we had a special evening with youth ! We est together but before esting , we spoke about Jesus ! How important is Jesus in our loves and how to grow and to be in relationship with Him! 

I had great conversations with some of them ! 

One of the guys is christian, baptized and somethimes is hard for him because he is in context at school and at home where no one belong to Crist ! 

Also a girl Emi, her parents are working in another country because here is hard for them, and she is staying with a women that she takes care of her, but i asked some questions about Christ, about people around her, and she saw the diference between people who love God and people who doesn’t!  Please pray for her to understand the Gospel ! 

How can you be involved?

  • Suport our youth ministry in prayer & encouranging.

  • Short-term/long-term mission trips here in Romania to work with us for the God’s Kingdom.

Be blessed 

Alecs Tudoroiu - PIEI Missionary