The call of God is stronger than the power of money

In 2006, after a tumultuous childhood and left by parents, God brought me into a family of believers where I saw and understood that I needed God. Later I knelt and confessed my sins, and I told Him... I no longer wanted to live for myself, but for Him.

Four years ago I went into a program to become a missionary. In the latter part of 2016, in the beginning of 2017, I really wanted to make this decision to move forward and to be a missionary, but I did not have the courage because i was fighting with  idea of going to another country, or of another city to support my family. During this time I prayed because I did not want to be driven by money and did not want to live for money, but for God! I received a verse in my heart that said,  people were preoccupied with their homes, and His house was broken. (Hagai 1: 9)

This is how I felt that God is calling me to be concerned about His work. It was a great fight, and I could not sleep at night, but I chose to serve God with all I have and all I am! Today I am involved with the missionary team in Olt and Dolj County, in evangelization and mission through singing, with this desire for people to get to know Christ.

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