Sometimes I think how good God is with me when I drive a lot, and I am so grateful for His protection!

I had the opportunity to meet some new people, a team of Americans (Ambassador team), wonderful people, who came here to serve in our county and to bring Christ's hope to the hearts of people! We also had a World Race team who worked hard in various projects, children's programs, street evangelism, visits!

The Ambassador team served in our city, here, there are so many lost people who need to hear about salvation! I want to see people come back to God, that's what I pray!

Please join me in the ministry I do, through prayer, support or even in short-term mission trip here with me! I see this need of ministers, workers in our area, but also the need for prayers! People need God, and I want them to see that people are no longer robbed of the evil one! Be partners with me in the work!

Alecs Tudoroiu - PIEI Missionary



What a great time I had as a leaders of Catalyst program, to hangout with youth from Catalyst!

We went in Craiova at zoo, and we had some interesting conversations! On our way to Craiova, I had the oportunity to share with the boys the Gospel! They had a lot of questions , and i shared with them a litle bit from the Gospel, the message that saves us!

If i’m thinking about, some of them are almost recieveing Jesus in their hearts, but they are fighting with this mentality of this generation who wants to be cool and smart, or with the technology!

Please keep them in your prayers! Also, if you want to talk with some of them, invest in them, even if you are far away , let me know! They are open, young, and they need good examples!

Alecs Tudoroiu - PIEI Missionary

Giving Bibles

Sometimes I think like: God, how do you will work? How this people will discover you? By that Word that I put in their mailbox?

Usually when I go to distribute Bibles house to house or to give people on the streets, I pray that the Word of God to work in their hearts! The word is sown, but only God will make it grow in their hearts! It is the Word that has power and can change lives, so together, in teams, we are going on the streets to give people Bibles!

Pray for people, to read the Word, to meditate and especially to make a decision about their lives!

Alecs Tudoroiu - PIEI Missionary

Basket Meeting in Craiova

We had a new opportunity to create relationships: through sports. Americans are very good at this sport, the Romanians are weaker :) but I was glad to see a lot of young people coming to this event organized by us, there were about 100 young people and together with Arizona Team and others American youth, we had a great competition and we, as Romanians, we like competitions!

I pray that God will give us wisdom and create good relationships with these young people, and through these relationships they will know and follow God.

Alecs Tudoroiu - PIEI Missionary

Ministry in Maldaeni

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-09 at 00.00.09.jpeg

A beautiful, big village, but with a small church, along with Arizona team, we went at Brother Cornel from Maldaeni to help him in this dry, thirsty field of God! We had a great time at the church before we left, we sang, we prayed together, we had a wonderful fellowship together! We went on the streets with Bibles in hands, in teams, and we gave Bibles to people and invitations to church programs. We had the opportunity to pray for people on the street, they were glad, someone even said why the Americans came here in their area, they were very amazed, but they also appreciated their coming and their involvement!

We pray that God will work in these people, through the invitations we have given, but also through the Bibles we have provided!

Alecs Tudoroiu - PIEI Missionary

Arizona Team

Together with a team from Arizona, we organized a local meeting with young people of different ages, we played football and other games such as volleyball, we sang together and also listened some words from teacher Tonk! We pray that God will work in the heart of young people here! It was a great time, and we enjoyed the ministry of Arizona team! Young people in our area need God, I want them to be changed and transformed by God! So we meet every week to have discussions and games! Pray that they will be saved by Him and not be driven by the current of technology in the wrong direction!

Alecs Tudoroiu - PIEI Missionary

Surround the "fortress" with Prayers

I believe in the power of God and when I pray to Him, He answers. Together with the PVT we surrounded the University of Craiova, we pray for the team here, but also for the students here to know God in a personal way, and the "spiritual" chains, that keep them tied to sin, to be unleashed in His name!

Alecs Tudoroiu - PIEI Missionary

A "gift" for the body, a "gift" for the soul!

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-08 at 22.00.56.jpeg

Together with PVT and World Race teams, we went to a big city called Alexandria to help a brother who asked for help! It was a good privilege to show His love once more, please pray for them! People were very happy with this time of discussion, but also with the fact that they received free glasses.

Also, we offered them a New Testament and an invitation to church programs! Pray that God will work in their lives and save them!

Alecs Tudoroiu - PIEI Missionary

Regional youth meeting

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-05 at 02.27.18.jpeg

After a long period when we didn’t meet in an organized form the young people from Olt County, this month was a good opportunity to bring them to spend time together!

We had a wonderful time of worship, the youth enjoyed the games and it was a good time they met each other! Also, i was glad that it was a great opportunity for these young people who are still not looking for God, to hear about the good news, that Jesus died for them!

I wish this thriving and disoriented generation of youth to have stability, Hope in Jesus, but most importantly: a relationship with Him!

Pray that these regional youth meetings to be an opportunity for young people to surrender their lives to Christ!

Alecs Tudoroiu - PIEI Missionary

My Beautiful Family

I have such a beautiful family! What I mean is that I am so blessed that God has given me a wife that supports me in work, without her encouragements and prayers I couldn’t do so much!

In our life, we have a beautiful girl, Emanuela! I feel so blessed to have a little girl like her! It's a very good feeling to be a father, and when I think about the relationship between God and His child, it's a great feeling!

God has teaches me a lot through my relationship with my little girl!

Lately, i found out that I will be father once again! Please pray for my family protection, for the pregnancy and my wife.

Alecs Tudoroiu - PIEI Missionary

Monthly sport meetings

Every month we have sports activities with boys who take part of Church Youth Meetings! Every time, we have a great time playing football together!

There are 15 boys, most of them are not Christians! I started to show them some video with footballers or Christian athletes who share their testimonies, we tried to learn some things about God from them. My goal is to show them that there are athletes who have money, who are not influenced by the "current" of this world (money, drugs, cars, rich, sex, etc.), who live a changed life, who realized that they are sinners and they need God in their lives.

Alecs Tudoroiu - PIEI Missionary

Serving with responsibility

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-04 at 23.54.24.jpeg

Every time there is great joy but also great responsibility when I am in front of the church to lead them into worship ! It is a grace that I can serve in His Church!

This year, God gave me this grace, to be responsible for coordinating the worship department, besides the gifts and the abilities that He has put in me! Worship by singing is like a breath of my soul, a breath of my heart, when I sing, my heart worships God, a God who has mercy on me, God the Creator, the Savior.

I think I'm so limited in my words that I can’t encompass an infinite God! He is the image of the invisible God, He is love, and about His love I want to sing always and always, because only He is the only one who deserves to be praised, because only His name is worthy of praise!

Alecs Tudoroiu - PIEI Missionary

Restoring the relationship with my father

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-29 at 13.14.17.jpeg

I know that God works in a wonderful way, according to His plan, even though I often do not understand it, or I do not see a solution that I would like, or I wish I did not have to go through difficult situations, be hurt, sad, or angry.

I grew up in an Orthodox family, going to church only for holidays. However, it was not a normal family, because there were always many arguments, scandals, bloody beatings, and visits from the police. In my heart it seemed as if I was living in a horror film. I wanted to wake up from this nightmare I was living. I was ashamed of my parents. I never felt peace and calm in my family or in my soul. I was always going into the city of Pitesti, where I grew up, to walk around because it was so hard to stay home. The city was large and beautiful, and I liked being away from home.

At the age of 10, my mother left home to be with her grandmother in Olt, about a 3 hour drive from Pitesti. She remarried and I had to stay with my father. Eventually my father also remarried. Because his wife did not accept me, I had to leave my home to go to my mother. These hard, negative experiences left me feeling unloved and incomplete.

But after I had moved to Olt, through God’s plan, I eventually arrived in a family of Christian believers where I felt I was loved, but especially I understood what true love means, the love of God. I married and became a father, where I understood even more the heart of God.

God worked in miracaculous ways in my life, but He had even more to show me.

My father and I did not talk for 10 years after I left home. Those 10 years were very hard for me. I never wanted to hear from him again. For me, it was as if he no longer existed.

But over time, God softened my heart and gave me a great desire to search for my father. God told me to go to him and take the first steps in seeking and restoring the relationship. At first it was very difficult. I could not understand why God asked me to do this; did he not see how much I had suffered and how I had not had a normal childhood? But eventually I said I would do what He said.

I went to Pitesti, my favorite city, and went to my uncle and asked for my father’s phone number. I found out that my father had separated with his wife, the one who had made my life hard and driven me out of the house all those years ago. I also learned that my father had health problems.

I called my father, and he recognized my voice. I told him I wanted to see him and for us to talk.

That first meeting with him was very emotional, bringing me to tears. It was hard to see him, as he had aged and even now had gray hair. But we were able to talk for hours and I even spent the night at his place. I told him that although I lost my childhood, I do not want to lose any more beautiful moments by never seeing him again. God did a miracle in me and began to change my heart.

Yes, it really is very difficult for a man to forgive, but knowing that God asks for this, he asks you to let go of your pride and ego, even if it hurts you in order to choose to do what is good, you can trust that everything will be fine.

Ever since reconnecting with my father, we always talk on the phone, we visit each other, and we have great time.

Now I pray for his salvation. I told him what kind of man I was in the past and how God changed my life, gave me a hope and a future, especially the knowledge that there is life beyond this one. Please pray that my father will also understand the message of the Scriptures and will come to terms with God.

I can say that God has done many miracles in my life. I have many personal testimonies of how He has intervened in my life. I believe that if we let Him work, He does in a beautiful way, even if sometimes it's hard for us. God knows best what He does if we make ourselves available to Him!

Alecs Tudoroiu - PIEI Missionary

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-29 at 13.14.11.jpeg

Christmas is Coming!


How wonderful it is that this holiday is nearing, but even more wonderful is when we go caroling, to sing songs about the One who was born to bring salvation. 

We started these caroling events in Draganesti, where many members of the local community were invited, including many teachers and the mayor. It was a wonderful time with a good program. People were happy and enjoyed listening to the messages of the songs. During the caroling I was praying that God would speak to the people, and make them think about the true value of Christmas.  

After we finished caroling, one of the school teachers stood up and with tears in her eyes, told us “You have given me a great joy by caroling. It seems like God sent you here. You sang very beautifully and truly this is the significance of Christmas, the birth of Christ and we must rejoice in Him. Thank you from my heart, you brought me joy and light.” When I heard these words, I thought “wow – look at how God works and even listens to prayers! I thank God that He moved in somebody’s spirit.

The day before the event, when I invited people, I gave an invitation to my wife's former class director, but because he was ill he could not come. During the carols I heard the sad news that he had gone to eternity. It was a very sad moment; he was a special teacher! It made me think, God, what is life? Today we are, tomorrow we are not!

Today we continued the caroling events at a mission point of the Hope Church, in Stoenesti. Many people attended and the church was full. While we were singing, although I was quite tired, I was looking at the faces of people who were sad and hopeless. But we sent the message of Hope, the Birth of Jesus!

We convey the fact that Jesus is not a story.  Although many people are caught up, occupied, uncaring or have replaced Jesus with Santa, my desire is to send the message that we need to put God at the center of all our holiday events. He is the most important thing about Christmas!

Your prayers are very important, so continue praying that God will work and soften people's hearts for these holidays!

Alecs Tudoroiu - PIEI Missionary

Youth Meetings


In our youth meetings our wish for every one of them is to have personal experiences with God. Every week we have a gathering where we play games, praise God through songs, we study the Bible and we pray together but the thing that I want most for them is to have experiences with God.

Unfortunately, this generation is more connected to the internet and social networks and less connected to real meetings or games. For them it’s even hard to meet people face to face and socialize.

Recently, I had the opportunity to go alongside 25 young people from our mission area to Alba Iulia, at a conference. I was very happy that we were able to take them out of their context for 3 days to enjoy some time together. The outcome was awesome and they loved the time spent there.

I realized that is very important to implement God’s principles in these young people, to listen and to help them with everything we can. Pray for them to stay united in their search for God and for others to come! Pray for us, their leaders, to set an example for them and to help them in their path.

Alecs Tudoroiu - PIEI Missionary

A visit at the hospital


At some point in this life, every person has a time when nothing makes sense. It’s a time when the emotional or physical pain is bigger than usual.

A specific case is Lucas, a man who comes to our youth meetings. A while ago, he suffered a serious bicycle accident: he rode the bicycle at high speed on a valley and it didn’t have brakes so he fell and was hospitalized with bad injuries. Joined by the youth from the Catalist program, I went to see him and we prayed for him. I remember one thing that he said to me: “God gave me a chance, I could have died there”. I talked to him and I told him to set things right with God because we don’t know how long we will be on this earth.

I invite you to carry him in your prayers. Let’s pray for a change in his heart and to receive Christ as his savior. We don’t know when we’ll leave this world therefore we must be prepared and reconciled with Him.

Alecs Tudoroiu - PIEI Missionary

Christmas is about Giving


It is the time of year where we celebrate Christmas, one of the most beautiful holidays, especially when there is snow. 

Once again this year, I was involved in distributing Christmas gifts to children, together with my fellow missionary Marian. It is a big effort to collect, load and distribute the gifts but it is also always a great joy. Through Marian and his partners, God blessed a few dozen children with gifts.

We went to the pre-schools in several different villages in the area to offer the gifts. Although it was cold both outside and in some of the classrooms, I have to admit the smiles of the children made me forget about the cold. 

It was disappointing to see that in these pre-schools some teachers are combining the birth of Jesus with Santa Claus. It is sad to see that people are missing the true reason for this holiday. But I had the opportunity to sing Christmas carols together with two German families and we shared about the true meaning of Christmas!

Please pray that God will continue to work this Christmas season. Pray that people will realize that we are not celebrating Santa, but we are celebrating Jesus Christ, who was born, lived a perfect life and gave His life for us so that we could have salvation and eternal life with God!

Alecs Tudoroiu - PIEI Missionary

Dining with disciples


Last saturday , we had a special evening with youth ! We est together but before esting , we spoke about Jesus ! How important is Jesus in our loves and how to grow and to be in relationship with Him! 

I had great conversations with some of them ! 

One of the guys is christian, baptized and somethimes is hard for him because he is in context at school and at home where no one belong to Crist ! 

Also a girl Emi, her parents are working in another country because here is hard for them, and she is staying with a women that she takes care of her, but i asked some questions about Christ, about people around her, and she saw the diference between people who love God and people who doesn’t!  Please pray for her to understand the Gospel ! 

How can you be involved?

  • Suport our youth ministry in prayer & encouranging.

  • Short-term/long-term mission trips here in Romania to work with us for the God’s Kingdom.

Be blessed 

Alecs Tudoroiu - PIEI Missionary