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The motto of my life are the famous words of William Carey - the father of modern missionary work, that says “Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God!”

My name is Adrian Jurge and I have 30 years old. I was born in the city of Târgu Mureș, center of Romania, where I spend my childhood and adolescence until 19 when I decided to go to Oradea in 2008,  to study Theology-Christian Education for three years.

My missioanry vision and desire to serve God, by serving the people was planted three years after 2005 when I realized my need of Jesus as Saviour and to live under His lovely leadership.

Since then, I have never stopped cultivating this vision and to equip myself spiritually, intelectually and relationally  to become that serving leader focused on developing others and building relationships based on biblical values.

I am married to Daniela, and together with our two childrens, Haily and Klaus, we live in the city of Craiova where we want to see God on the move for His glory and for the restoration of people.


About Ministry


To serve God, by serving the needs of different people groups, while I generate a discipleship group movement among them.



WHAT? Serving people and showing them compassion (Mark 10:42), while I aproach them with the relevancy of Gods truth (Mark 1:14-15, WHY? So that they might understand, respond to God and be inspired to live for Jesus and have something important to say and do in this world.

HOW? Fullfiling the spiritual, relational and personal needs of people thorugh relevant activities and projects such as: Educational and personal development programs, bible studies, free dialogue clubs and interaction, trips, movie nights, exchange of experience, personal discipleship and evangelism.



Utilizing People (short-term teams, missionaries, volunteers)

Initiating and implementing Projects (evangelistic, apologetic, relational, educational and cultural) and

Partners (Churches, Christian Organizations, NGOs, individuals) that want to impact the community


Projects & Programs

AFECT Pro-Dialogue, Pro-Culture

AFECT Pro-Dialog, Pro-Culture is a platform through which we relate to this generation of young people and engage them to have a dialogue about absolut values, critical issues regarding our identity, life, skepticism, God and the relevancy of Jesus Christ in this world, through educational, apologetic, recreational, social and cultural programs.

We address both romanians and international young people with the purpose that they will be encouraged to see the world thorough a biblical world view where Jesus Christ is at the center of their life.

AFECT Dialogue Club

Is one of the projects in AFECT Pro-Dialogue. Pro-Culture that gives the young adults the opportunity to relate to one another and tie up relationships with other Christians, explore and discuss different topics from phylosophy, science, theology, ethics, culture, history so that through all, they will see God at work and that there is no place where you turn where God had not spoken. We meet at the public library, in homes, dorms.

Our desire is to reach also the muslim college students with this program where we want to start evangelistic courses with them in their dorms and to have a cordial dialogue about Christianity and Islam so that they have a chance to learn Who is Jesus? and What the Bible really is all about? so that they will follow Jesus and experience eternal life.

We are using the Alpha course and Al Massira as evanghelistic tools as well.

AFECT Life Exchange

This a second project and its about giving to young adults in Craiova the chance to experience unique moments in different cities and cultures in Romania (in the future in Hungary, Grece, Turkey) for an life exchange together with different churches and Christian students. I envision 100 beautiful cities in Romania where many South Romanians and international students have never travel, especially to be with godly Christian students and to do fun, interactiv, social and personal development activities. But the ultimate goal is that their life will be everlasting impacted by the values of those with whom they spend a couple of days.

AFECT Inspiring Arts

This is the third project that I want to start next year in Craiova among the Generation Z of young people. It will be a project that will happen only during the summer.


Hope for the Prisoners

This is a socio-educational program done in colaboration with Christian Organization Rock of Ages, that addresses to those who are spiritually and physical deprived of freedom, but can be restored through a sistematic exposure to Gods love, Christian and social education and life examples.

There are 12 weeks, two hours per week, where prisoners that want, can benefit from our courses and they receive credits that will help them to shorten their sentence. Also they have the opportunity to be part of activities where they can reunite with their families for one day at a picnic, a conference, etc.



You can get involved with Adrian's ministry by being in prayer for the following areas:
Long-Term Missions – to build a team of full-time missionaries who will serve and start a discipleship group movement in Craiova city with over 300.000 people. 
Short-Term Missions – join or lead a team of workers to help with evangelism, discipleship, manual labor, administrative tasks, projects and much more.
Financial Support – help support the family or one of the current or future projects and programs for Craiova.
Prayer Support – become a prayer partner by subscribing to Facebook page:

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