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A Unique Approach to Missions

A new approach to missions came in the spring of 1985 with the vision of the founder Gene Brush to develop a close partnership with national missionaries.

Who are we?

We are national pastors and evangelists
People from many nations led by national directors affiliated with PIE, who plant churches, train Christian workers, evangelize by radio and literature, provide practical help for struggling people. The bylaws of PIE state that we recognize national leadership’s superior effectiveness. Though national ministries remain accountable to the committee in the States, they make their own financial and policy decisions.

We are task forces
A fellowship of committees of people who are in love with a national ministry, visit that ministry, and raise the funds to support that ministry. A group in a church or even a family can form a committee, ethnics concerned for the church in their home country can form a committee, a national with friends in the States can find a chairperson and help that person form a committee. We are the connecting link between the national missionary and their US partner. We are volunteers.

We are a board
Made up mostly of chairpersons of partnership committees. We meet twice a year to celebrate, pray, hear reports, solve problems, and welcome new ministries. Cornel Stef is our President. He is Romanian, and has been with Partners in Evangelism since the early 1990’s, as the chairman of the Romania and Ukraine committees. Wayne Taylor is our General Director. He has also been involved in PIE/India for a number of years, as well as with Kenya and the micro loan program. Gene Brush is our Founder and Executive Vice-President. He has lead the ministry in Spain from the very beginning, and has served as President for many years; he has always envision a national becoming the President of Partners in Evangelism International. Cornel, Wayne, and Gene have a close working relationship and are very involved in the daily operation of the ministry. We are volunteers.

We are people
Who pray for and give to nationals and their ministries. We become partners with specific nationals and ministries of Partners in Evangelism International, and often get to go on short term mission trips and get a first hand experience of what the nationals do, how they live, learn about their countries and people, and get directly enriched in our own spiritual growth. We are committed believers. We are YOU!

Benefits of National Ministry:

To the Country:

Promoting national evangelism by which the maximum number of people can be involved in world evangelism
  • Encouraging local national churches to prepare and send their own missionaries in reaching their people for Christ
  • Missionaries are permanent; if a door would ever be closed to foreign missionaries in a specific country, they are there to continue and carry the work of the Lord
  • Know well the languages and the dialects of their countries
  • Know well the culture, the history, and the people
  • Able to custom-made their ministry according to the specifics of each region and area
To the US Partners:

The cost of supporting a national missionary is surprisingly moderate compared with US standards

Opportunities to partner with churches, families, and individuals worldwide
  • Developing a close partnership with a particular missionary;
  • Learning about their needs, their country’s special people;
  • Getting directly involved in visiting the nationals (wherever travel of US citizens is possible)
  • Organizing short term mission trips, involving the church body in the ministry and projects of the specific national missionary that a church supports
  • Inviting the national missionaries to come to the US for special events such as mission festivals, conferences, etc.
  • Cross-cultural experience that would touch and change one’s Christian life
  • A greater appreciation of the comforts of American life
  • A greater world view with a personal touch; opportunities of sending boxes with Bibles, clothing, food, medicine, and other items for the national missionary’s family, and for the needs of his ministry
  • Teaching and training opportunities: short - and - long term; Precepts Women’s Bible studies, Summer Camp Ministry, Children and Orphan Ministry, Music, Biblical Training of nationals and lay workers, etc.
To the National Missionary:
  • Enabling a national missionary, pastor, teacher, or worker to get involved in the ministry full time by providing the financial support he or she needs
  • Enabling the national to spread the Gospel to new and hard to reach areas in his own country, having the support of the national leadership, and all the advantages of being a national himself.
  • Providing opportunities to work cross-culturally with their supporting partners, learning about new strategies and new technology that can be “custom made” to benefit and enhance their ministry, in order to make it more effective
  • Hosting short-term teams and use them for evangelistic purposes, both in urban and rural areas; nationals get “higher social recognition” in many of the countries when they are seen in association with “Americans”. This is a unique way to open doors to minister to the unbelievers
Hand in hand with the US or other foreign missionaries on the mission field
  • Many US and other foreign missionaries are involved in teaching the nationals in Bible schools and Universities, preparing them to become national pastors, evangelists, teachers, and workers in their own country US missionaries learn from nationals and have permanent contact with them
  • There is no competition, rather a supplementation of Christian workers in this vast mission field that is ready for the harvest, but few are the workers!

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