March 2017

We thank the Lord for all of you who support us
in prayer and we know that without you we
could’t do it so good. I had the joy this month to
be able to help neighbors, doing some
construction work in the name of the Lord, and I
could share with them the Gospel.

February 2017

We are so happy to see how God has answered our prayers and has blessed us.
We had a woman at our church who stopped coming to services because she
believed she could worship alone in her home. We were praying for her and this
month she returned to our church. God  answered our prayers and showed her
the importance of fellowship.

News from September

The month of september was a month of evangelism. I organized evangelistic events in two villages, Lisa and Greci. There were people who listened the Gospel. Pray that those who heard the Gospel to open their hearts. Also I visited our church members. I encouraged them to stay close to the Word of God and we prayed together...

Dedication of Ion Vlad –PIE/Romania missionary

“Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard
through the word about Christ”. - Romans 10:17

According to Paul's statement faith is heard through the word of God, the gospel. This is our motivation behind on eof our projects: A New Testament for Every House. Every time a village iscovered with New Testaments I feel that the Father is saying "Well done my servants."...