May 2017

We are planting with the hope  of  harvesting !!  

The church planting from  Corabia takes place over three phases. Mobilizing the resources of the kingdom of God; Sowing through prayer, evangelizing and serving the houses of peace;

And the harvest through cell groups that grow to become the missionary church. In May, we focused on this phase of sowing.

News from November

The vision that God has given to us is one that
motivates us to work hard and to hope. Our
vision is a community of people made after
God’s image who bring the hope of Christ in
Corabia and the surrounding areas. One of the
objectives for 2016 was to become a daughter
church of Hope Church. We are very happy to
share with you that this objective is

News from September

We have seen God’s help in the projects that we have in order to plant a church. 

The little explorers 

One of the purposes of this project is to help children to go to school. Starting with 10th of september Cornelia,my wife, helped over 35 children with supplies and clothes. She was helped by a sister from Germany and a brother from Craiova in this project...