June 2017

I am continuing medical treatment and tests. Tests are done through bio-resonance, a new procedure in Romania and Europe, with Dr. Ioan Gherebeanu who has the necessary equipment. I fully trust God that He will work according to His knowledge and wisdom. In this period, since I could not be out in the field, I set up a new project called “Getting a Savior.” This project is for the non-believers, the sick or the immobilized. God made me sensitive to these categories of people. In each case, I look to see if these people have faith, and I do my best to support and encourage them, and to present the Lord Jesus as personal Savior.

May 2017

The newly formed mission point called the Farcadin Group is now suffering. Sister Delia Oprut in whose house the group met was very sick and had surgery in the City of Deva. By the grace of God she got through and is now recovering. We met with the entire group on Communion Sunday, to encourage and support each other. Another case is Brother Ionel who was sick and is now well. It seems like all of us go through trials that test our faith. Surely the powers of darkness attack us to throw us off. We resist by praying and abiding by God’s Word.

April 2017

My health condition does not allow me to leave the house. I continue the medical treatment, and while trusting God, I await His help. The mission work is still my focus, and so in this situation, I meet with my collaborators at home to strategize together. I am glad to have dedicated collaborators, ready to be involved in all the aspects of the mission work, in churches, for as long as I am under medical treatment

March 2017

I started the month in the hospital in Deva, at the emergency room. My health condition demanded some additional investigation. After being discharged from the hospital in Deva, I got admitted to the hospital in Hateg. I consider this a hard trial, perhaps so I can dedicate myself even more for Him.

February 2017

I have gone through a unique health situation this month. My life was in danger, but through the grace of God I have come out well. I was in the hospital in Hateg for seven days after I lost consciousness and was taken to the emergency room. After all tests and treatments, no one could give a diagnosis of what had happened to me.

News from November

Since Thanksgiving, we have been having joint services with the churches in Paclisa and Barasti, celebrating and thanking the Lord for all the blessings we have received throughout year 2016. Also, in Valea Lupului we got to build the fence and main gate. Here and now, our testimony is complete. We were glad to do our part. 

News from September

We continue the work started in August. After pouring concrete, the wire fence panels were installed. This was tiring work, but great because it was successful. We also painted the fence by the street. The skilled laborers from church worked on this with me. We know winter is coming soon, so we want to finish all repairs on the building of the church in Paclisa...