Summer Camp 2017

There are so many young people without purpose and hope in life nowadays. They need love and communication that’s why they try to fulfill their lack of communication and love with perverse things or different useless stuff. The purpose of the PIEI camp was to give the young people a hint to trust Jesus and search love and comfort only near His Word. Only in Him they can find the best friend.

November 2016

In November we held an outreach at an orphanage that is in Hotyn, a town in Chernovtsy region. There are 350 children there. Each of them was given sweets, juice, and fruit. Besides, we gave them warm socks and winter clothes. We provided them with food such as rice, beans, pasta, potatoes, vegetable oil, canned meat and cabbage and so on.

About Pavel Petihachny

About Pavel Petihachny

My name is Pavel Petihacinai.  I grew up in a non-Christian communist family during the Soviet Union occupation of Ukraine.  However, when I went to high school there were students, classmates who were believers, and they had good influence over me.  Shortly after finishing school I accepted the Lord as my Savior, and went on to medical school.