June 2017

Month of June was quite hot here in Romania. We were blessed with a team of friends from America and Nigeria that helped us in children ministry and digging a ditch for getting running water inside the house/church. 

Because it was such a hot month we had to have the children ministry manly in the evening. it is always a great joy seeing children coming to play with us and listen stories about Jesus but it often leaves us with a certain sadness that they don't come to have a personal relationship with Jesus. this is also one of the prayer points: children to come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour. 

May 2017

It has already passed a month since we are back home from England. We had a blessed time meeting family and friends. Many people at church gave us a warm welcome and showed their love and support.  We praise the Lord for each and every one and for each and every blessing.

News from December

Thank you very much for the part that you take
to God's work in this part of the world, to be
exact in Coteana and Draganesti.
The work continues in Coteana building up the
new church by visiting people encouraging them
to continue in their desire to come to know the
Lord. Mark is taking turns in preaching and goes
to visit people and to do street Evangelism and
also giving the support to the new pastor in